08/01/2012 07:09 am ET Updated Oct 01, 2012

The Best Road Trips From Miami (PHOTOS)

The Best Road Trips is a weekly summer series highlighting our favorite getaways from major cities all over the United States.

Miami is one of the country's most celebrated metropolises, a Cuban-influenced coastal city on the southern tip of Florida, known as the "gateway to the Americas." But Miami's wild reputation and glamorous lifestyle can really wear on the locals (and their bank accounts).

With its high-brow art scene, luxurious shopping and A-list clubs, Miami is an energetic, ultra-lively hub for young partiers and jet-setting tourists -- but to escape the rowdy scene, southern Floridans have several spots to flock to within the Sunshine State for some much-needed R&R.

Put on you sexiest string bikini (or Speedo), pack your bags, and jump in the whip -- we've got some miles to cover.

--Devon Antonetti,

The Best Road Trips From Miami (PHOTOS)