10/20/2012 10:25 am ET Updated Dec 21, 2012

3 Of The Most Expensive Restaurant Items In Hotel History

When you're on vacation, we think it's OK to splurge a bit on a great meal, and many hotels the world over offer top-notch restaurants with plenty of temptations.

From celebrity chef menus to extravagant imports -- and oftentimes both -- hotels across the globe have developed menus fit for a king.

But some go above and beyond with signature dishes that require the fortune of a king, as well. At least with a price tag in the thousands, you know the entree's gonna be tasty! (That is, if you can stomach the fact that you won't be able to afford another decent meal for the rest of the month.)

We've found three of the most expensive menu items in the history of hotel restaurants. Check 'em out -- and prepare yourself for sticker shock!

-- Kristina Fazzalaro,

Three of the Most Expensive Restaurant Items in Hotel History