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National Conventions Citizen Photo Essay: Maximum Exposure

Published: Photos taken during the National Conventions by tourists, Denver and St. Paul residents, bloggers, superdelegates, delegates, staffers, journalists, and activists.

HuffPost's OffTheBus partnered with USC Annenberg's Center on Communication Leadership and the Institute for Photographic Empowerment to support citizens' coverage of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Throughout the two week period, hundreds of photographs flooded our inbox showcasing everything, from the grand to the mundane. Together, you documented Denver, St. Paul, Sydney, Manila, protests, arrests, demonstrations, activists, street performers, festivals, pundits and politicians. We'll keep this archive on Huff Post's OffTheBus as a testament to the citizen photojournalists who added to our coverage of the 2008 National Conventions.


Republican National Convention Coverage

* RNC Day Two: Breakfast Presentations And Street Violence Photo Credits: Megan Baaske

* St. Paul Welcomes the GOP Photo Credits: Megan Baaske

Democratic National Convention Coverage

* The Week That Was: Citizen Photo-Coverage Of The Democratic National Convention Photo Credits: Gregory Daurer, Debra Lawler, Noelle Eberz, Steve Jurvetson, Bill Monroe, Shaun Roach, Lonnee Hamilton, Corinne Calesso, Cheri Shankar, Girish A. Ram, Douglas A. Wiest, Leonid Balaban, Christian Avard,Steve Berry, Jacob Dahlke, Andrew Adam Cadwell, Amy Harada Poncher, Marci J. Hladik, Stephanie Vardavas,

* Convention Watch at USC Annenberg Photo Credits: Anant Goenka

* 'Yes We Span' Photo Credits: Arman Clemente of Manila Standard

* Support For Obama Reaches Australia Photo Credits: Trish Mitchell

* Moved By Obama, Photos Continue To Pour In From Denver Photo Credits: Noelle Eberz

* This Mile High Convention Is A Wrap Photo Credits: Gregory Daurer

* On The Campaign Trail Photo Credits: Steve Jurvetson

* Inside Invesco Photo Credits: Chrisitan Avard, Dummerston, VT

* Sisters Of The Traveling Pantsuits Photo Credits: Corinne Calesso, Cheri Shankar, Lonnee Hamilton

* Police Presence Persists Photo Credits: Girish A. Ram, Douglas A. Wiest

* Of Pundits and Politicians Photo Credits: Leonid Balaban, Christian Avard, Cheri Shankar, Kathryn Stimson, Corinne Calesso, Steve Berry

* Demonstrations in Denver Photo Credits: Steve Berry, Rick Pellett, Leonid Balaban, Noelle Eberz, Andrew Adam Cadwell, Ann J. Atkinson, Christian Avard, Corinne Calesso, Carolyn Tedder, Lonnee Hamilton, C. Campagna

* Clinton Electrifies The Pepsi Center Crowd Photo Credits: Amy Harada Poncher

* Demonstrations and Arrest in Civic Center Park
Photo Credits: Gregory Daurer

* Day 1 In Denver Photo Credits: Gregory Daurer

* These Songs Of Freedom
Photo Credits: Marci J. Hladik, Kathryn J. Stimson, Gregory Daurer

* Portraits Of 16th Street Mall Photo Credits: Jacob M. Dahlke

* Obama-Mania Photo Credits: Christian Avard, Debra Lawler, Leonid Balaban, Jacob M. Dahlke, Hillary Saviello, Lonnee Hamilton, Kathryn J. Stimson

* Making Green Look Easy Photo Credits: Ann J. Atkinson, Noelle Eberz, Lonnee Hamilton

* Heightened Security in Denver Photo Credits: Steve Berry, Corinne Calesso,
Kathryn J. Stimson, Cheri Shankar, Halisi Vinson, Rick Pellett, Marci J. Hladik

* Denver Faces Photo Credits: Jacob M. Dahlke, Lonnee Hamilton, Marci Hladik,
Corinne Calesso, Holly E. Jackson

* Anti-War Protesters Are Pro-PINK Photo Credits: Lonnee Hamilton

* Signs of Significance Photo Credits: Stephanie Vardavas, Holly E. Jackson,
Valerie R. Dahl, Lonnee Hamilton, Marci J. Hladik, Jon Moze, Leonid Balaban

* The Convention Lands In Denver Photo Credits: Gregory Daurer

* Inside The Denver Pepsi Center Photo Credits: Leonid Balaban and Jan Lund

* Photos From MoveOn Renewable Energy Rally, Denver, CO Photo Credits:
Scott W. O'Sullivan

* The Calm Before The Storm Photo Credits: Gregory Daurer




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