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Election 2008 Citizen Photo Essay: Maximum Exposure

Wanted: Citizen photographers to showcase the presidential election in towns across the country.

HuffPost's OffTheBus has partnered with USC Annenberg's Center on Communication Leadership and the Institute for Photographic Empowerment to support citizens' coverage during the final weeks of the 2008 Presidential Campaign.

We want to see what the election looks like in your community. From Obama-Biden signs blocking traffic to Sarah Palin "mug" shots, show us how your town is gearing up for November 4th. Sign up here to be an official OffTheBus Photojournalist and we'll send you photo assignments.

Or just send your photos to campaigntrail AT and put "photos" in the subject line. Make sure to include your name and state.



* Today I Became An American Photos by Don Kennedy Albert

* Halloween's Best Political Costumes Photos by: Dipayan Gupta, Nicole Mitsch, Meredith Wilson, Anne Savage, the Payans, and Jo Mathis, Tita Mahoney, Jeanne Meldahl, Una, Ben Middleton, Laura Gentry, Montana Torrey

* Move Over Tina Fey--Sarah Palin Look-alikes Spotted Everywhere On Halloween (PHOTO SLIDESHOW) Photos by Sabrina Dhawan, Shirley Schmitz, Gale Mead, Nona Williams, Anne Savage, Sue Eleuterio, Jennifer Gantner, Gisele Hennings, Jody Jameson, Marci Robin Zitner, Stella Arthur, J.D. Dolan, Dan Bradford, Cliff Lyon, Maria Valentina, Matt Rodrigues, Lisa Flowers, Leslie Pobst, Colleen Kelley, D D PALMER, Mia Gray.

* Why Volunteers Volunteer Photos by Anne Savage

* Santa Cruz Shows Its Support for Obama Photos by L.D. Janakos

* McCain Visits Defiance Ohio Photos by Rachel Boyd

* Obama = Socialism For Some In Key States Photos by Eric Dinyer and Karen Sellars

* How the Democratic Party Reached Out to Voters Photos by Caterina Rost

* Youngstown Ohio: What a Battleground Looks Like Photos by Mark Dolley

* Michelle Obama Rallies New Mexico Photos by Elsa Kendall

* Arizona Arts and Crafts for Obama Photos by Karen Funk Blocher

* A Look at the Election in San Fran Photos by Jefferson Adams

* New York: Head Over Heels For Obama Photos by James Lecense, Ruben Carbajal and Kashish Das Shrestha, Corinne Calesso

* How Obama Supporters in Stanwood, WA Prevent Sign Theft Photos by Marilyn Kennell

* Beantown Politics Photos by Steve Garfield of Boston, Mass

* Once Again, Denver Welcomes Obama Photos by Jon Shore, Denver CO

* Windows Display Support For Obama South of Houston Street Photos by Annie Shreffler

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Sign up here to be an official OffTheBus Photojournalist.