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OffTheBus Listening Post

As of September 9th, 2008, OffTheBus officially discontinued the Listening Post feature. All previously recorded entries will remain available for reference and can be accessed via the directory below.


Welcome to the OffTheBus Listening Post! Here you'll find recordings of the campaign press conference calls. If you are a citizen journalist or blogger, use the recordings to find quotes or content for your writing. Otherwise, listen in to hear firsthand how each 2008 presidential campaign interacts with the press to deliver (and spin) information. Enjoy, and keep your eyes out for more! (If you'd like to join our Listening Post team, send an email to campaigntrail AT with "Listening Post" in the subject-line.) Credit goes to R.T. Eby for naming this feature.


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McCain Campaign Press Conference Calls

* 8.22 McCain Camp Attacks Axelrod on Health Care Reform
* 8.20 Rudy Giuliani and Randy Scheunemann Attack Kurtzer's Trip to Syria
* 8.15 McCain Camp Reports $27 Million Raised in July
* 8.14 McCain Camp Claims Obama is Inconsistent on Taxes
* 8.8 McCain Camp and Wilmington, OH Resident Sharply Criticize Obama for Radio Ad
* 8.5 Sen. John McCain Hosts Tele-Town Hall Meeting with Pennsylvania Voters
* 8.5 McCain Camp Derides Obama's "Aspirational" Short-Term Energy Solutions
* 8.4 McCain Camp Criticizes Obama's Energy Policy
* 7.30 McCain Camp Unveils New Ad "Celeb"
* 7.28 McCain Camp's Cure for the Economy
* 7.24 Senior Policy Advisers Doug Holtz-Eakin and Nancy Pfotenhauer on Energy Plans
* 7.23 Rep. Pete Hoekstra, Randy Scheunemann and Kori Schake Criticize Obama on Iran
* 7.22 Sen. Sam Brownback and Rep. Heather Wilson Slam Obama on Surge
* 7.21 Senior Adviser Randy Scheunemann Discusses Obama's Trip to Iraq
* 7.15 Sen. DeMint, Advisers Scheunemann and Schake on Obama's Iraq Policy
* 7.14 Sen. Lindsey Graham and McCain Adviser Scheunemann on Obama's Iraq Policy
* 7.13 Foreign Policy Adviser Scheneumann Questions Obama's Position on Iraq
* 7.11 Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL) Defends "God's Children" Advertisement
* 7.10 McCain Campaign Manager Rick Davis Estimates $400 Million in Fundraising
* 7.9 Sen. Thune (R-SD), Scheunemann and Schake Slam Obama as Weak on Iran
* 7.8 McCain Camp Courts Hispanic Vote on Low Taxes and Free Trade
* 7.7 McCain Camp Pushes Deficit Reduction and Lower Taxes
* 7.7 McCain Camp Labels Obama "Tax-Raiser"
* 7.2 Rep. Cantor (R-VA) and Senior Policy Advisor Schake on Iraq Plans
* 7.1 Sen. Graham (R-SC) and Lt. Col. Swindle on Wesley Clark's Comments
* 6.30 McCain Truth Squad on McCain's Service in Vietnam and Leadership Experience
* 6.27 Former Gov. Swift (R-MA) on Partisanship
* 6.26 Sen. Brownback (R-KS) and Randy Scheneumann on DC Gun Ban Ruling
* 6.25 Sen. Kyl (R-AZ) and Former CIA Director Jim Woolsey on Energy Policy
* 6.24 Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) on Obama's Energy Policy
* 6.23 Rep. Wilson (R-NM) on Obama, Women Voters and Energy
* 6.23 Sen. Graham (R-SC) and Doug Holtz-Eakin on Energy Policy, Off-Shore Drilling
* 6.19 Brian Rogers and Trevor Potter on Obama's Withdrawal from Public Financing
* 6.19 Fred Thompson on Terrorism, Guantanamo
* 6.18 Giuliani on Terrorism and Criminal Justice
* 6.17 Scheunemann Blasts Obama on Terrorism
* 6.13 Senator Obama and Social Security
* 6.11 Defense of McCain's Iraq Timetable "Not Too Important" Comment
* 6.9 Response to Senator Obama's Speech on the Economy
* 6.6 Mario Diaz-Balart on McCain and Everglades Restoration
* 5.30 Response to Senator Obama's Remarks on Iraq
* 5.27 Discussion of Sen. John McCain's Remarks on Nuclear Security
* 5.23 Senator McCain's Medical Health Records

Obama Campaign Press Conference Calls

* 8.20 Foreign Policy Advisers Rice and Clark Discuss McCain's Record on Iraq
* 8.18 Obama Camp Launches "Next Generation Veterans" for Obama
* 8.14 Obama Camp Promises Tax Cuts for Families Earning Under $250,000
* 8.12 Three Prominent Republicans Endorse Obama
* 8.8 Obama Camp Calls Out McCain and Davis for Role in Job-Killing DHL Deal
* 8.4 Obama Camp: McCain's Small Business Plan is Really for Big Business
* 7.31 Obama Camp Fires Back at McCain's Negative Ads
* 7.28 Obama Camp Discusses Meeting with Economic Advisers
* 7.23 Obama Campaign Launches New Spanish-Language Radio Ad
* 7.10 Sen. Klobuchar, Heidi Hartmann on Obama's Economic Plan's Impact on Women
* 7.9 Gov. Ted Strickland and Former Gov. Tom Vilsack Criticize McCain's Energy Plan
* 7.8 Senior Adviser Furman, Rep. John Spratt (D-SC) Call Out McCain on Deficit
* 7.7 Senior Adviser Furman and Former Secretary Reich on Economic Strategy
* 7.7 Gov. Granholm, Sen. Brown, Rep. Schwartz Respond to RNC Attack Ad
* 7.3 Obama Camp Calls for More Troops in Afghanistan
* 7.2 Ambassador Gelbard, Senior Advisor Restrepo on Obama's Latin American Policy
* 7.1 Indiana House Majority Leader Stilwell and Former UAW VP Thurman on Free Trade
* 6.30 Dr. Susan Rice and Bruce Riedel Discuss Al Qaeda's Growth
* 6.27 Congressman Ryan and UAW Rep. Graham on McCain in Ohio and the Economy
* 6.26 Gov. Strickland, State Sen. Kearney on McCain's Visit to Ohio and the Economy
* 6.24 Wasserman Schultz and Wexler on McCain's Florida Tele-Town Hall
* 6.24 Ben-Veniste and McDonough on Charlie Black's Comments
* 6.23 Advisers Furman and Grumet on Energy Policy, Transportation, CAFE
* 6.20 Communications Director Robert Gibbs on "McCain's Pander Week"
* 6.20 Sen. Sherrod Brown, Governors Granholm and Strickland on NAFTA, Job Loss
* 6.19 General Counsel Bob Bauer on Obama's Withdrawal from Public Financing
* 6.19 Sen. Kerry and Mayor Coleman (St. Paul) on McCain's Energy Policy
* 6.18 Coastal Governors on Offshore Drilling, McCain's Energy Policy
* 6.18 Sen. McCaskill (D-MO) on Energy Policy as McCain Campaigns Missouri
* 6.18 Rice, Smith and Craig on Counterterrorism Policy, Iraq and Guantanamo
* 6.17 Kerry Corrects Scheunemann on Obama's Counterterrorism Policy
* 6.13 McCain's Proposed Gas Tax Holiday Means Worse Highways, Fewer Jobs
* 6.11 Response to McCain's Iraq Timetable "Not Too Important" Comment
* 6.9 Senator Obama's Economic Policies ("Change That Works for You")
* 6.6. Sen. Bob Graham on McCain and wiretapping
* 6.5 Catastrophic Insurance Fund
* 6.2 Response to McCain Attacks on Obama Foreign Policy Position

Clinton Campaign Press Conference Calls

* 5.30 Senator Clinton reveals "Solutions for a Stronger Montana"
* 5.30 DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting
* 5.28 DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting