Frying the Sex

As I lie in my temporary Russian bed at the Corinthia Hotel in Saint Petersburg, I implore my brain to stop thinking and analysing. Stephen Fry. I have never met the man. But the man has outraged, it seems, thousands of people in Britain and possibly abroad about his recent opinion on the lack of libido in women. Whatever he may have genuinely meant at the time, he fell victim to the typical hero worshipping and then fast-to-demonise culture of our modern age. Lady Gaga's face, the Dalai Lama's hopes, Shakira's Africa song, Angelina Jolie's UN work, Madonna's Malawian pursuits and Obama's race have all been derided from the keyboards of ignorant and malicious human population.

Vicious and appalling. These are the media-obsessed times we live in. Facebook probably spreads more spam and attacks than love. We see an incredible amount of hatred on the Internet and YouTube. Human beings consumed with revenge and nastiness. Posting videos of cruelty of all kinds is a trend. It is shocking to think their posts and videos are even allowed to be uploaded and promoted. The younger generation digesting all that content go on to kill their classmates with knives and guns as we have witnessed in America. The Internet has done an excellent job in documenting the ugliness of the human mind. And in some cases, even celebrating it.

Some women climb up the wall if they don't have sex. Some are disgusted by the thought of sex before marriage. Some prefer S&M. And some, as we clearly know, prefer diamonds. Men, too, both gay and straight, fall into the aforementioned categories. Gay relationships on the whole are not enduring because men seek far too much physical pleasure outside of their 'marriage.' Whether you are gay or not, it is surely pure bliss to find a partner to love and make love to and most importantly learn how to grow old with that person faithfully. It is one of life's most challenging lessons. But in the end, I believe one is happier with a loving partner next to them at the age of seventy than the titillating thoughts of cottaging. They would rather live in a beautiful cottage with enough funds to cover their lifestyle. Let Stephen Fry have his opinions. If you care about women, may I suggest that instead of attacking Fry on Twitter, blogs, newspaper columns and Facebook, you donate money to help the future of young girls in Africa or victims of rape and domestic violence here in Britain.