03/18/2013 04:09 pm ET Updated May 18, 2013

How to Discover and Embrace Your Ultimate Truth

"Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth" -- Mahatma Ghandi

Years ago I began a journey to find out who I really was and what I was made of. At that time I had no choice but to begin my self-discovery. In fact, you might say I was forced into it as a result of the emotional abuse I had suffered in my marriage and the subsequent demise of it. I had to pick myself up and find a way to not only survive but to thrive. With the help of a great counselor and a few spiritual teachers, I did just that. I learned so much about myself and found I had some very special gifts that I could share with others. This eventually led me to become a spiritual teacher myself. I began to pass on all the wisdom I had gained from my own experience, along with the knowledge I had learned from these guides, to others in order to help others grow and prosper.

Recently however, I have experienced some setbacks that have made me turn even deeper into myself. I started questioning all I had learned in the past about who I was, along with questioning contemporary concepts that were being passed onto me from outside sources. I began questioning some of my long-held beliefs and a lot of my perceptions. I didn't want to take anyone else's word of what the truth was any longer. Instead, I wanted to experience the truth for myself. So, with childlike trust and wonder, I embarked upon another journey of self-discovery -- only this time, I went by choice.

Thus far the journey has been profound. I'm receiving and exploring new truths about life and about who I really am. I'm letting go of beliefs, perceptions and emotions that do not align with my truth as it unfolds. And even though I haven't come to any real conclusion yet about who I really am, I'm enjoying slow but steady discoveries. The realizations, epiphanies and discoveries that are coming to me now are undeniable for me and I am forming new beliefs based upon these personal experiences vs. blindly following others. I know that this, in turn, inevitably makes me better equipped in helping others find their own personal truth.

Since this journey has been so rewarding and rich, I decided to write this piece and invite you to take your own journey as well. I'd like to share with you a few basic guiding steps which I have joyfully followed:

1.) Decide. This may seem obvious, but the power that a clear decision to find out the truth about yourself sets everything in motion. Thus far your ego has had you believe many things about yourself that aren't necessarily true. Without making a conscious and firm decision, it will most likely keep you trapped. The best way to quiet the ego and get it out of the way is to make your declaration to find your truth.

2.) Meditate. You have to be willing to take some time out for quiet reflection. This is crucial to help lay the foundation so that conscious awareness can occur. Stop the mind, listen to your inner guidance and feel it.

3.) Let go and surrender. During meditation, you can affirm your intention to let go, release and surrender (this means to give over, not give up, in this case) all false identities, beliefs, perceptions, emotions and false truths about who you are. This will release the conditioning you've received from outside sources.

4.) Allow. Once you release all false identities, beliefs, perceptions, emotions and false truths, you'll be an empty vessel waiting to be filled with your truth. Allow the truth to just come -- don't manipulate or coerce it in any way. Remain passive and let it come to you.

5.) Receive. By allowing the truth to come, the next step is to naturally receive and accept it. Write it down, if that helps you, and don't worry if you believe and accept it right away or not. Just make a note of it (mental or otherwise) and sit with that for however long it takes. Then simply be thankful for the information and go about your day and allow it to exist there within you. Just enjoy being free and in that truth.

I can't begin to express how incredibly satisfying and joyful this journey to find personal truth is. That is why I'm encouraging everyone else to do the same -- I hope to share this joy of freedom and discovery of inner truth. It's not that you should discount or be unappreciative of the guidance that comes from outside sources, because it can help you (after all, I am in a way doing just that right now). But along with that outside guidance, I invite you to see and experience for yourself the truth of who you really are. I invite you to release your attachments to any identity of who you think you are, release your perceptions, beliefs and emotions and allow your truth to be revealed. Ultimately, you can only follow your truth -- otherwise you are just pretending to be someone you're not.

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