05/14/2014 02:08 pm ET Updated Jul 14, 2014

Can Sexy Keep You Healthy?

Stop at the magazine stand or turn on your TV and silently WITNESS! It seems like everything from liquor to automobiles to household products to a (well-known) Web hosting site uses a sexual image, sexual copy/content, or sexual innuendos to help sell or promote a product. Why, you ask? Because SEX sells! That's just the way it is!

So what's all this hullaballoo over sex and SEXY really about? Why are we so focused on sex and sexy? Sexy hair, sexy clothes, sexy body, sexy perfume, a sexy smile, a sexy laugh or a sexy gesture... and heck, even SEXTING on your cell phone! Whew!

As Dr. Oz and others have noted, men, in particular, are very easily visually stimulated. And from our ancestral primitive history (back in the stone age days), men and women were put here on earth to procreate. So, it seems quite natural for men to be lured by the visual sexiness of women and even visa versa. At least that is the biological understanding. Men were the hunters, the LIONS. Women were the gathers, mothers and men's prey. Yeah, I know, this is really beginning to sound way too primitive!

Okay, so within all of us is a very natural tendency to be attracted to SEXY in others. Whether you are straight, gay, bisexual, or transsexual, your perceptions of SEXY are both innate and learned.

Sexiness is defined in many ways and is often shaped by cultural differences, gender differences and personality or individual differences. For example, what you may perceive as SEXY, I may feel is uninteresting or feel no emotional attachment at all... it's a "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" kind of thing.

And to top it off, some people see SEXY not just in one's physical appearance, but in their inner qualities such as intelligence, savviness, independence, confidence and grace.

Get it? SEXY is NOT just physical! It's NOT only about your BODY. Sidebar: Guys, hint, hint. You ARE the hunters, so we (women) know you love your manliness! But hey, a sexy man can be one who is prepared, flexible (in perceptions, ideas) and oh so determined to conquer any challenge!

But we can all pretty much agree that, no matter how we individually define sexy, it is linked to some wonderful, "feel good" emotions, when we have our SEXY game on. That feeling of being or seeing (others as) sexy is a biological and biochemical response. Our body enjoys the stimulation and pleasure of seeing, being, or feeling sexy. And how in the world does this SEXY relate to your health?

It works like this: Like most things that give us pleasure, seeing, being or feeling SEXY releases pleasurable and bonding hormones and neurotransmitters that our cells love love love. (Note the triple dose of LOVE!) Yes, its your own inner pharmacy at work, creating drug-like chemicals such as seratonine, dopamine, oxytocin and vasopressin, to name a few. These natural chemicals, which your own body produces, are released into your system, helping you to feel good in your own skin. Basically, these emotional energy chargers work to help you feel attractive, alluring, positive, loved, confident and ready to take on the world. Does SEXY really do ALL that? Yep. You bet.

Unfortunately, not all societies and cultures are so very willing to allow people to discover their SEXY and express it. We can't pop a pill for SEXY. It is something we ARE. Yep, its in all of us... but some of us just haven't discovered it quite yet.

So its time to give ourselves permission to find our own SEXY, feel it, embrace it and express it.

Here are some ways to start:

1. Take time to discover what's sexy about YOU. This applies to both men AND women.
2. Don't let your SEXY and ego do battle. Repeat: DO NOT let your SEXY and ego do battle! This isn't a competition -- it's a learning curve.
3. Let your SEXY out! Its your own magic potion. As long as you are not hurting anyone, show up SEXY. Not to be confused with "barely dressed" but more along the lines of "totally empowered."
4. Don't solely use SEXY as a crutch for self growth and empowerment. There are many ways to grow, improve and be in touch with your essence. Discover all of them!
5. Don't get caught up in the SEXY of material things/possessions. That hot dress, cool jacket, new stilettos may create intermittent pleasure, but the real SEXY lurks within you!
6. Even when you reach your golden years, keep your SEXY on -- now you have so much more wisdom, maturity and life experience. That inner glow is so sexy and you OWN it!
7. Remember, real SEXY doesn't seek other's approval of your body nor your choices. True SEXY reveals your essence in a healthy, confident, positive way.

So what will you do to let your SEXY shine and get healthier? Learn who you are. Love who you are. Get your SEXY on and Live Life Passionately!