07/25/2014 09:38 am ET Updated Sep 24, 2014

Three Big Steps to Illuminating the Real You

While you may long to embrace the genuine reflection of your soul, live a fiercely passionate life, and manifest all your deepest desires, the vibrational energy you communicate to the world might indicate otherwise. Social pressure to conform, past family conditioning, and your own feelings of unworthiness can keep your hopes and dreams at bay. You may feel that if only you could make everyone love you, you'd finally arrive at your authentic self. However, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Looking to the outside world and seeking the approval of others does not bring authenticity, but discovering your soul's truest expression certainly will. Here are three steps to honor your unique gifts, ignite your soul signature, and illuminate the real you.

Embracing authenticity takes courage - lots of it. This bold action empowers you to be yourself without apology. Shifting your energy toward the truth of who you are frees you from living a life dictated by the expectations of others. As you come to embrace your true nature, it's common for family members, dear friends and co-workers to become agitated when you begin charting your own course. If you hang tough and bravely face the fear of upsetting those around you with your new-found confidence, you're one step closer to living your truth.

There are two words inscribed on the entrance to the oracle's chamber at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi: "Know Thyself." The advice intended for the ancient Greeks remains true today. Authenticity cannot be realized until you know and accept yourself fully. If you are willing to consciously look deep within and own every single thought, foible, passion, and heartache in your experience, your vibration expands exponentially. Facing yourself can be a daunting, painful, even frightening task. But when you dive deep and suspend your fears, doubts, and self-judgments, you're embarking on a magnificent path to fulfillment. Heed the oracle. Embrace your life, make peace with your perceived imperfections, and the doorway to a new way of thinking will begin to open.

Authenticity means honoring and cherishing yourself unconditionally. When you love yourself, your trivial woes and worries lose their potency and you are primed to unleash your truest expression -- your soul signature -- into the world. Fear may still arise, but you meet it with spaciousness and calm. You no longer run from what scares you, but stand self-assured, rooted in the knowledge you can navigate whatever comes your way.

Your life belongs to you; illuminated by the light, guided by your truth, and governed by love.