06/17/2014 05:42 pm ET Updated Aug 17, 2014

Clear Up

Feelings and thoughts can be as cluttered as a pile of things to wash in your sink; peace can only come if we drop something and we start considering clearing up as not a hideous chore, but rather a stairway to serenity.

I find that breaking things into smaller portions always helps; my team and I would only concentrate on one section at the time, no matter how big the space to take care of is.

"The wardrobe is a mess" becomes "let me tidy up my shoes," and then, "OK, let's see these three drawers"; we clear the wardrobe little by little and we should use the same for tangled feelings and ideas. In this way, "I cannot meet the deadline, I have 200 pages to go through" becomes, "How fast can I make 20 pages? Hey! 10 times 20 is actually OK."

Keeping things simple in the space we work and live in and in our mind calls for the same skills; breaking down, prioritising and above all dropping what we really do not need to hold, to think and to feel.

Ask any housekeeper, they always have an empty trash can at hand for all that rubbish