06/02/2014 06:55 pm ET Updated Aug 02, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to Party With Us at the 2014 CMT Awards

If you've ever seen our show Party Down South on CMT -- which you could have because we are CMT's highest-rated show EVER -- or even just heard about us, then you probably already knew one thing, we all LOVE to party. Truth be told, we can party anywhere we can get rowdy and do a little muddin,' funnelin' and getting' country, but on Wednesday night June 4th, we are going to be partying in true high style at The 2014 CMT Music Awards. Then the very next night -- which we're pretty sure is Thursday June 5th -- our own big "Party Down South" continues with all of us -- Daddy, Lil Bit, Lyle, Mattie, Tiffany, Lauren, Walt, and Murray -- when our second season kicks off and takes our gang to a whole new great town -- Athens, Georgia. Our show premieres June 5th at 10 pm ET/PT.

But first, here are 10 reasons that we can't wait to party like a rock star AND a country star at The CMT Music Awards Wednesday night. And YES, we can count to ten!

1) Florida Georgia Line is gonna be there, and we LOVE Georgia AND Florida, and we definitely try crossing every line we can.

2) Luke Bryan is gonna be there to sing and shake that ass. Maybe we can't sing like him, but we sure know a LOT about ass shaking.

3) Dierks Bentley's gonna sing, and that song "Drunk On A Plane" has made us suddenly much more interested in world travel.

4) Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood are going to perform together on the show, and come on, who doesn't like to see two hot women together?

5) CMT gives out a video for "Collaborative Video" and if you've ever seen our show, you know someone's always trying to "collaborate" with someone else on our show.

6) Jake Owen may take viewers "Beachin" and we all LOVE to get wet every chance we get.

7) Our good buddy Cody Alan from CMT Radio tells us that there may be free beer there, so we're there too!

8) Brantley Gilbert may be performing the "Party Down South" National Anthem - by which we mean "Bottom's Up"

9) Little Big Town are gonna debut their new song "Day Drinkin" and THAT's a tune we can get behind.

10) We hear CMT is gonna honor Alan Jackson, and he's our biggest hero for reminding us of words we live by each and every afternoon --"It's Five O'Clock Somewhere"!

So wherever you're from, and wherever you like party down, tune in Wednesday night to CMT. See if we behave ourselves in a mature and appropriate manner, but DON'T count on it!