09/19/2012 07:12 am ET Updated Nov 19, 2012

Amsterdam's Diverse Nightlife

Molded by juicy stories of the Red Light District, Amsterdam's reputation for hedonism brings in partygoers from all over the world, but legalized vice is only a narrow sliver of what this bustling city has to offer. The nightlife in Amsterdam has something for all types. So whether you want somewhere to relax or want to go absolutely wild, this city has mastered both. From 400-year-old traditional Dutch bars rich with local culture to decadent clubs that go all night, this city of canals has opportunities far beyond its stereotypes of sex shows and the infamous red-lit windows.

But before you go get yourself lost along the maze of Amsterdam's waterways, make sure you read this first. We at Party Earth want to help you discover all that Amsterdam has to offer, so here's our compilation of essential places to visit during your weekend in the Dutch party capital.

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Amsterdam Nightlife Beyond The Red Light District