08/27/2012 04:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bacheloretting in the Big Apple

There's Nothing Like a Bachelorette Party in the Big City


What better place to have a bachelorette party than in the city that never sleeps? Get ready to let your hair down and celebrate like there's no tomorrow because New York is the perfect backdrop to take a bachelorette party from static to epic faster than the bride-to-be can say "in a New York minute!"

Looking for bachelorette party ideas in New York City? With thousands of venues from which to choose, the Manhattan scene is bursting with electricity and heart-stopping good times just waiting to happen.

Since bridal parties are afraid of spawning bachelorette parties from hell, many turn to Party Earth for help. So if you're looking for the perfect bachelorette spot and need to know what kind of music is playing, how crazy the vibe is going to be, how much it'll cost, and what kinds of people will be there -- then turn to Party Earth for a party that never stops.

Ready to enjoy your last night of being single? Here are a few local hotspots to get you going:

Party During the Day


For the future bride who loves to get together with her girls but isn't a night owl, an all-day excursion could be the perfect way to treat her. Or if the wedding is right around the corner... a hung over bride may not sit well with the groom and any conventional, uptight family members.

Brasserie Beaumarchais offers brunch on steroids! At 3 p.m., the calm brunch atmosphere turns into a wild dance party and patrons rock out, dance on tables, and drink endless amounts of champagne. Brasserie Beaumarchais sets the scene for the time-conscious party girl who wants to take with her a souvenir buzz without the next-day hangover blues.

Fun and Crazy Bachelorette Party Karaoke


If the bride enjoys acting like a fool singing "Love Shack" for a bunch of lazy-eyed, semi-conscious night owls, karaoke is her ticket to a wild night of never-ending laughs! Whisk the guest of honor off to a decade she only remembers in her dreams -- or nightmares. Whether the bride-to-be prefers the music of the groovy '70s, the punked-out '80s, or the boy band '90s, as long as music is her jam, she is sure to remember the night forever!

The venue Planet Rose, one of the wildest karaoke bars in New York City, combines mildly ostentatious zebra print and hot pink décor with a whole lot of whacky fun and exhilaratingly good times! With free karaoke and a plethora of microphones ready for the musical stylings of celebrity "wannabes," Planet Rose sets the stage and the mood for legendary bachelorette parties in the making.

Bachelorette Dance Party


Put on your sky-high stilettos and get ready to raise the roof! An all-night dance marathon is perfect for the future bride with quick feet and earth-shattering stamina.

With more than 6,000 sq. ft. of pure green-loving, adrenaline-pumping excitement, Greenhouse nods its cap to the earth while raising its glass to an unbridled passion for fun! Whether bachelorette party-goers want to mingle beneath cascading crystals, or dance the night away on recycled glass atriums aside forest-like walls, at Greenhouse, the night is young and it will never get old!

Bridal parties all across the world wait with expectation for the night where all bets are off and the saying "anything goes" becomes an excitement-filled reality. With a little help from Party Earth and a designated driver, the bachelorette party memories are sure to last long after the morning hangover.

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