11/06/2012 01:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Barcelona's Bar Scene Flourishes (PHOTOS)

Barcelona is known for its modernist architecture, beautiful beaches and wild nightlife. And while the clubs in Barcelona are best known for staying open till sunrise, the bars in Barcelona deserve just as much attention. Whether you are looking for a casual drink in a romantic setting or a novel experience at a cool beachside ice bar, this city has an impressive selection of happening watering holes that is diverse enough for any traveler's taste.



By day Dostrece is a sophisticated, laid-back restaurant that offers refreshing dishes like citrus salad and crispy salmon. By night the venue turns into a swanky spot to kick your feet up on the low ottomans, sip cocktails and listen to the DJs spin lounge music. In warm weather you can cross the street to Dostrece's terrace for an outdoor afternoon drink.

La Champañeria


La Champañeria, also referred to as Can Paixano, is one of the most popular bars in Barcelona with both tourists and locals for its incredibly cheap and incredibly delicious selection of champagne and tapas. Because it's in extremely high demand, the venue can get a little tight (understatement - you'll be elbow-to-elbow), but the delicious assortment of Spanish bubbly makes the crowded experience well worth any accidental toe stepping.

Rita Blue


The brightly colored décor and irresistible Catalan and Spanish cuisine offered at Rita Blue are sure to cheer anyone up. Every night the venue is packed out with hip twenty-somethings sipping classy drinks under the happy colored lighting while DJs spin upbeat jams in the background. The restaurant is located behind the front room and is the place to go for mellow conversation and locally inspired dishes.



If you're suffering from the heat of Barceloneta beach and looking for other things to do in Barcelona to cool off, head straight to Icebarcelona where you will be given a fur-trimmed coat, gloves, and sent to a room kept at 12˚C. The entrance ticket comes with one complimentary drink which you can sip inside the ice bar (complete with glacial sculptures of eight-foot polar bears), or head outside to the terrace to finish your beverage in a less arctic setting.

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