06/22/2012 07:01 pm ET Updated Aug 22, 2012

Where to Watch the Dodgers When You're not in LA

If you want to watch the Dodgers race for the pennant, there are tons of places around the country to catch all the contested action without having to be in the City of Angels. Check out Party Earth for all your out-of-town Dodgers' demands.

New York

As the epicenter of all things baseball, it's always easy to find a great sports bar in New York for any and all MLB action. Sure the Yankees and Mets will take precedence if the games are on at the same time, but with massive joints boasting tons of tubes, you're sure to find at least one TV with the Dodgers playing. Try 200 Fifth in Park Slope as they feature 65 flat-screens or Blondies on the Upper West Side with 40 TVs of their own.


Although it might be considered blasphemous to even mention the Dodgers in a Boston sports bar, you'll still have a chance to catch plenty of MLB action at great bars all over town. But for a sure thing, maybe throw on a Red Sox hat (if you can stomach it) and pretend that you're just a "MLB fan" when you ask the bartender to switch on the game. Then, head to either The Fours by TD Garden (they have more than 40 TVs) or Game On! in Fenway (they have more than 90 TVs). Just make sure you root on the inside - Red Sox fans can smell traitors in their midst.

Washington, D.C.

With one of the best teams in the league competing for District denizens' attention, watching the Dodgers games at sports bars in DC can be tough - but not if you know the right bars with tons of TVs. Make sure you check out Public Bar in Dupont Circle with their 40+ flat-screens plastered to every wall and incredible Happy Hours to get you primed for another Matt Kemp bomb to left field.


Now that the Cubbies are in dead last and the White Sox barely hanging around a division lead, Chicago baseball is looking a little bleak. Sad for Cubs and Sox fans, but if you want to watch the Dodgers, that means more TV time for you. Check out Bull & Bear in River North with taps built into the tables and 25 flat-screens pressed to the walls. Rockit Bar & Grill, meanwhile, is more for Cubs junkies, but seeing how horribly they're playing - sports nuts will want to turn to something else to keep their minds off the curse.

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