08/31/2012 12:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Epic Bars for the Best 21st Birthday

You only get one 21st birthday in your life. From that point forward, all future birthdays will only be anniversaries of that ceremoniously drunken rite of passage. Basically, it's just a sleigh ride into adulthood after the big 2-1. That said it's absolutely imperative that you do this right.

Before you commit to a location, there are a few steps to ensure a night you'll only be able to relive through secondhand stories:

  1. Rally the troops. Use Facebook, mass text, group email, soup can telephone, whatever. Get your people together and decide who's ready to get you legally drunk. *Note: This is often times a very good test of friendship if you are considering a Facebook friend overhaul.
  2. Get a designated driver. The last thing you want to worry about on your special sloppy day is transportation. Either decide on taking cabs or asking a couple friends to man up and be sober chauffeurs.
  3. Pick an outfit. You want to look your absolute most fabulous, but think ahead. Five inch heels? A tie and vest? Dress not only to impress, but also for success. Choose clothes that are easy to move (dance or fall down) in and items that are stain resistant (bodily fluids, beer, vodka, dirt, lipstick...).

Once these items are crossed off your list, it's time to pick the place. Let's just be clear, the venue doesn't need to be epically expensive to have a legendary birthday.

Wonder Bar


It really doesn't matter if your birthday falls on a weekend this year. Wonder Bar has things happening every single day. With two dance floors, a full kitchen, and DJs, DJs, and more DJs, you're guaranteed a fantastic time even on a school night. If you're looking to go a little more upscale than a casual bar meet up, check out their party packages, bottle service, and private rooms.

Beaumont Bar & Grill


Looking for a place everyone will enjoy? Look no further than Beaumont Bar & Grill. Trying to please the whole group on your birthday can be a drag, so why not choose a fun place that has something for everyone. From private parties, to a burger bar, to karaoke, you can be assured you and your friends will have a rocking time. Why get dressed up to get sloppy? Come on in to get down!

The Happy Ending


The only place you're going to find a frat party...outside of a real frat party is at The Happy Ending. There's dancing, drinks, food, karaoke, beer pong, sports, and a wheel of fun! Have your pals meet up, or book a private party in their upstairs room. Either way, you're going to have a blast drinking the night away right on Sunset Boulevard.

Mehanata Bulgarian Bar


Mehanata Bulgarian Bar boasts the title, "the ultimate multi-national drunken-Balken disco dive bar extravaganza." Um...YES, PLEASE. With DJs, performers, and events happening basically every night of the week, you can always pop in for a spontaneous celebration. However, if you're planning ahead, they offer "The Ice Cage" (New York's sub-zero vodka drinking room) and party packages. If you book a VIP party with Mehanata, you get a free party bus. Just know that the bar has a four tooth minimum dress code. That's right. Enjoy.

Kozy Kar


The ultimate dive bar, Kozy Kar is the perfect place for the 21 year old with a whacky heart. The bathroom floor is covered in Playboy pictorials, and yes, there are two water beds. Cheap beers, nice folks, and a downright bizarre atmosphere will leave you questioning whether your entire birthday was a strange hallucination.

Madam's Organ Blues Bar


The slogan reads, "Where beautiful people go to get ugly." If that isn't a perfect 21st birthday party endorsement, we don't know what is. From blues nights to karaoke, Madam's Organ Blues Bar is an inebriated good time. The free pool tables and year-round rooftop deck provide enough activities to keep both boys and girls entertained for hours on end.

Whether you've got $3.00 or $3,000 to spend on your birthday, you've got options. No matter where you end up, or whatever happens, as long as you don't remember any of the photos from your friends' Facebook albums, and can't understand why you're wearing someone else's clothing the next morning...we think you had a successful 21st birthday.

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