10/29/2013 09:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Finally Legal! Where to Spend Your 21st Birthday in LA

Turning 21 is like getting an all-access pass to Narnia because your new, I'm-a-real-person-now ID is your ticket into an entirely new world. But instead of talking goat people and ice queens, you get all of the bars and clubs in Los Angeles to play with. When it comes to planning your 21st birthday, however, it's picking one of these hundreds of venues to host the festivities that's the hard part. That, my friends, is precisely why we've compiled this list of destinations perfect for celebrating the first day of the rest of your (night)life.

Vodka Red Bull


Booze on your birthday should not be hard to come by, and with six bars spread conveniently across the club's four levels, downtown's Exchange LA seems to agree. Housed in the former location of the Los Angeles Stock Exchange, this club features plenty of space for you to schmooze your way into a complimentary birthday shot or two.

Rum and Coke


A healthy amount of drunken debauchery is a necessary part of any 21st Birthday, and at Baja Sharkeez in Manhattan Beach that's just what you'll get. The beach-themed décor gives the place the appearance of a dive bar in Cancun, and with gaggles of sorority girls repurposing tabletops as dance floors, the place is reminiscent of spring break in more ways than one.

Dry Martini, Extra Olives


Where can you find a fantastic view, elite yet social clientele, and poolside waterbeds all on one roof? The Rooftop Bar at the Standard, of course. This venue is classy, but with an unpretentious twist. It's not uncommon to see groups of girls breaking in their Louboutins on the dance floor or Armani-clad men lounging on the bar's many comfy couches and lounge chairs. But unlike other appearance-oriented bars in Los Angeles, the atmosphere is very conversational and the guests are ready to let loose.

Margarita on the Rocks


This is probably one of the only occasions where choosing a destination based entirely on its selection of alcohol is not only allowed, but encouraged. So, the fact that it boasts a list of more than 400 kinds of tequila may be all you need to know about El Carmen, a charming cantina in Beverly Grove. Whether sampling cocktails or throwing back shots, there's not many places that can turn you into a connoisseur in one night.

A Glass of Bubbly


The most literal adult playground you'll find in LA, Beacher's Madhouse is a great place for a drinking and champagne and dancing on tables style evening. Join the club's well-endowed, yet slightly insane clientele for an evening that might be more appropriate in a circus tent than at The Roosevelt, one of Hollywood's ritziest hotels. Little people serve little drinks as exotic animals traipse across the stage. At Beacher's great stories and even better pictures are guaranteed.

You no longer have to fear getting busted by bouncers or having to miss out on fun nights out with friends; the law can't poop your party anymore. So, get ready to party, hard. You only turn 21 once. Make it count!

This article is by Courtney Roseborough, Party Earth writer.

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