Five Incredibly Hot Venues Around the World to Hit Up This Summer

Even if you're not abroad or in an unfamiliar city, there are places that are simply so high-brow or underground that you would not know about them even if you've lived in the same city for your entire life.
05/08/2013 11:29 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Traveling the world is an exciting adventure in itself, but knowing the exclusive and best-kept secrets of the cities you are visiting makes the trip that much better. Even if you're not abroad or in an unfamiliar city, there are places that are simply so high-brow or underground that you would not know about them even if you've lived in the same city for your entire life. These five clandestine venues fit that category and are guaranteed fun experiences, all for different and exciting reasons.

The Sayers Club - Los Angeles


Starting in the city known for posh nightclubs and celebrity sightings, Hollywood is home to The Sayers Club, one of the best-kept secrets, largely because its entrance is hidden with its sign-less faᅢᄃade backed off the street a bit. Despite its relative anonymity, the door is very tough due to the high volume of industry leaders and celebrities that frequent this sleek speakeasy. If lucky enough to get inside, visitors are treated to unannounced musical performances from notable artists, while also being able to rub shoulders with some of the most powerful people in Tinseltown while waiting for an $18 drink.

Simyone Lounge - New York


Similar to The Sayers Club with its hipster, yet swanky vibe, New York's SL (Simyone Lounge) is guarded with classic velvet ropes, followed by a mysterious black-mirrored entrance. Once inside the club, there is plenty to please the eye from the beautiful people to the enticing illuminated glass bricks that line the walls. For those who don't want to mingle with the run of the mill models, socialites, and Wall Street elites, there is an ultra-exclusive bottle service lounge with an intimate DJ experience. Also, when you're inside make sure to look up to see an aerial view of the attractive clientele mingling with each other thanks to the mirrored ceilings.

Top of the Standard - New York


Located in the Meatpacking District with "SL," the Boom Boom Room, now known as Top of the Standard, offers the epitome of elegance with its ornate 1970's dᅢᄅcor and prime, 360-degree views of Manhattan. The Top of the Standard is most likely the most difficult place on this list to gain access to, as it is "Members Only" after 10 pm. However, if you can finagle your way in, you are in for a treat with a circular center bar that reaches the ceilings and illuminates gold in spectacular fashion. The number one tip once you're inside is to try one of their specialty drinks because while they cost over $20, you really do get what you pay for. Try to go towards the beginning of the week for the best opportunity to gain access to the exclusive penthouse retreat.

The Box - New York


Switching up the vibe from the chic and elegant NYC clubs above, The Box in New York on the Lower East Side is possibly the most exclusive bars/circus in the world. Barack Obama could walk up to the door and get denied without a prior reservation or name on the guest list (probably not, but you get the point). The crowd is a mix of high rollers, Wall Street execs, successful artists and musicians, and everyone's favorite trust fund babies. The first half of the night consists of rock and hip hop blaring throughout the club, marking a pretty typical club experience. However, at 1am, The Box sets itself apart with magicians, burlesque dancers, and acrobats among other unexpected performers.

The Church - London


Jumping across the pond to the black sheep of the list, The Church in London is one of the more unique and fun experiences one can have. Only open for four hours from the late morning to the early afternoon on Sunday, The Church is anything but stoic. Not very exclusive, The Church is open to anyone with an open-mind, a party attitude, and a willingness to ride on the Tube, drunk, in full costume, next to people who are going to actual church. Inside The Church there is a drink limit of four beers or ciders, which almost everyone reaches. Then the four hours is compromised of dancing while watching stripper shows on stage and monitoring the big screen in the middle of the stage that shows cleverly captioned pictures of the crowd.

By Nicholas Tresnowski, Party Earth writer.

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