07/24/2014 01:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Midnight in Paris on Wheels

Imagine this: A young man and the love of his life are chauffeured around the streets of Paris in the backseat of a vintage car. The beautiful woman holds a delicate red rose in her hands, and the two of them sip champagne as they drive by the Eiffel tower lit up against the night sky. The two lovebirds stop for their driver to take a photo of them at the Champs-Élysées.

Such a perfect night seems like something that only happens in the movies. And that used to be the case until one Parisian man decided to make it into a reality for couples visiting the city of love...all in the back seat of his classic 1954 Citroën 2CV convertible.


Inspired by his love of Paris, Nicolas Manac'h started Midnight in Paris on Wheels, a small sightseeing company for tourists and romantics alike. In every one of his tours, Manac'h makes sure to adapt the tour so that the experience is genuine and personal for all of his customers.

But above all, his services are made truly unique and unforgettable thanks to his beloved 1954 Citroën 2CV. Known by the French as "La Deux Chevaux," the 2CV was an exceptionally popular car model in France in the 1950's, a time hailed by many as the golden era for France in the twentieth century. "When people see it, they stare at it and smile with nostalgic eyes," explained Manac'h. "It is a legend." Manac'h drives his customers with the convertible top down, providing an incredible sightseeing experience unlike any other. "The car is so comfortable, the roof is taken away, and the windows are wide, so you feel like you're sitting in a leather chair under the sky in the arms of Paris."

Manac'h provides an incredibly high class and privileged private tour at an affordable price for visitors (tours range in price from €85-€190 each for two people). He offers to photograph his customers with a professional camera in any place they want, and every tour features culture, fun, music, and Manac'h's warm and hospitable services.


In the Monuments tour, the smallest tour in Midnight in Paris on Wheels, Manac'h drives his customers around Paris for 45 minutes to see the beautiful monuments that the city has to offer. The tour includes an antique Polaroid camera for any photo opportunities along the way.

For those looking for a tour off the beaten path, Manac'h offers the Paris Secrets tour. Manac'h utilizes his vast life experiences and extensive research into the hidden treasures of the city to show visitors the best local spots in Paris -- all with the option of having an antique camera and a delicious bottle of champagne in a bucket for the ride.

And finally, for the starry-eyed lovers who seek the most romantic night possible in Paris, Manac'h has created the Midnight in Paris tour. Starting in the center of Paris, Manac'h drives customers around Paris for a perfect night out on the town. The tour includes macaroons, a bottle of Ruinart champagne, a red rose for the lady, and either a vintage Polaroid camera for photos or a lock for the lovers' bridge. To complete the experience, customers have the option of including a "mechanical failure" so that the gentleman can be the hero and save the night for his lady.

While tremendously romantic, Manac'h's tours aren't limited exclusively to couples. Midnight in Paris on Wheels is still a wonderful sightseeing opportunity for any two or three people visiting Paris together, so no one has to miss out on the opportunity to share a bottle of champagne and tour around the city in style.


This article written by Alexandra Wuerfel, Party Earth writer.

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