05/15/2012 04:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Five Reasons Netflix Should Revive Terriers

Over the last few months seemingly not a network show cancellation goes by without news breaking that Netflix is interested in picking it up. Following news that the streaming entertainment service has commissioned Arrested Development for another season, Netflix has considered Terra Nova and The River for a revival. If you tolerate this, CW's recently axed Ringer will be next...

Now Arrested Development, on one hand, was a critically acclaimed, beloved comedy that ended its three-year run in 2006.

Then there's Terra Nova and The River -- two shows that, for all intents and purposes, lacked that level of critical acclaim and fandom passion. How many people were really likely to take up a Netflix subscription to watch another season of The River? People still talk about Arrested Development six years after it ended, did anyone even talk about The River while it was on the air?

So, with this in mind, I'm presenting my nomination for a show Netflix should consider giving a second chance...


For those of you not aware, Terriers was an FX show that aired in 2010. It followed the lives of two private investigators in the town of Ocean Beach, CA as they found themselves torn between flights of noirish fancy and the reality and responsibilities of being adults.

The show didn't try to reinvent the wheel. It wasn't high concept. But it did what it did exceptionally well. Hank and Britt, the main characters, were fleshed out and well-written and the cases each week were unusual and interesting. The character arcs were understated and the relationships between the cast were portrayed with a level of raw emotion that made the writing and acting hit home as hard as any outlandish plot twist or high concept idea could.

Here are five reasons I think Netflix should look into reviving it:

  1. The actors are now free. Laura Allen and Michael Raymond James were recently attached to NBC shows. One is already on the air, one in development. As of last week, NBC have confirmed that neither will have a place on their schedule next week. NBC's loss is Netflix's gain. On top of this, although Donal Logue, Jamie Denbo and Rockmond Dunbar have been keeping themselves busy with movie roles and guest stints, it's nothing they couldn't do while working on Terriers. If ever there was a time to strike while the iron is hot...
  2. Terriers's fans are the kinda fans that Netflix want to court. They're dedicated and would have no qualms taking up a subscription to watch another season or two. It doesn't even matter that Terriers didn't do very well in the ratings when it aired. Netflix could pick up Terra Nova -- a significantly more expensive show -- but I would argue the viewers of that show are not nearly as likely to join Netflix as Terriers's viewers would be.
  3. It makes sense within the narrative of the show to revive it. The way the first season ended a one-year time jump was on the cards anyway. Granted, we're almost looking at two years since it premiered but that kinda time jump explains away any actors who couldn't return for whatever reason.
  4. Why wouldn't Netflix want to be in bed with Terriers's executive producers? Between them, Shawn Ryan, Ted Griffin and Tim Minear boast a tremendous pedigree and establishing a relationship with them now could lead to a whole host of interesting projects down the line.
  5. It had a fucking amazing theme tune.

So, in conclusion, Netflix, you should really get on top of this.