09/16/2013 07:57 am ET Updated Nov 16, 2013

Snubbed! 22 Amazing Actors Who've Never Won An Emmy

When the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences hands out those coveted Emmy awards during the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony on Sunday, Sept. 22, those who get to take one of the gold statuettes home will be elated. Others will smile politely (and maybe grind their teeth) when their names aren't called. It's not always the usual suspects who are nominated and/or win. There are surprises, some gasps at those who win -- or not, and some obvious shoe-ins.

For those of you who won't be hearing your names called up to the podium to make that beyond grateful acceptance speech this year, The Huffington Post will give you some names to drop at that after party who were robbed (just like you). There is absolutely no excuse why the following actors shouldn't have had an Emmy or two propped up somewhere on a mantle in one of their homes. See if you agree.

Andy Griffith

Raise your hand if you can even believe that our favorite sheriff of all time (Mayberry's Andy Taylor) didn't receive one nomination for his brilliance on The Andy Griffith Show. Our favorite sidekick -- lovable deputy sheriff Barney Fife (aka Don Knotts) -- took home five Emmys, and, rightfully so, but it's shocking that Andy was never recognized by the Academy. 'Barney' may have gotten all the laughs, but 'Andy' set 'em up! The old cliché 'That's just wrong!' seems to apply here.

To check out the other 21 incredible actors, see the slideshow below.

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