03/12/2012 06:26 pm ET Updated May 12, 2012

Let's Legalize Prostitution -- Why We Should Think This Over

I know. I know. I know. Prostitution is a controversial subject.

What if we legalize prostitution and then we can do away with the word: prostitute?

Hold on. Let's take a look at this before getting really, really defensive.

Tell me. What's the difference between a woman taking cold hard cash from a man in exchange for sex, and a mistress/girlfriend who takes nice gifts -- breakfast, lunch, dinner, jewelry, an apartment, a house, a car, etc. -- from her lover who paid cold hard cash for those gifts?

What do we call women who randomly sleep with five to 30 men within a month? I hate the word that Rush Limbaugh used as much as any woman. I hate it. But why would/should that still be a word anyone would even use for any woman who has sex out of wedlock in 2012? What's the equivalent word for a man who has sex with a woman out of wedlock?

So the word prostitute is reserved for a woman who takes cash under the table -- or actually left on her dresser -- after having sex with her "John?" Why should that be against the law?

How many unmarried men and women have sex? Raise your hands after washing them.

If we have to differentiate between single women who take cash from men as opposed to single women who accept gifts from men after they sleep with them, then let's go ahead and stamp a Scarlet Letter on their foreheads just before we throw them in jail.

Adultery is another subject, not to be confused with this one.

Sex is sex. As long as consenting adults -- over 18 -- are having sex, then let it go unpunished. What's the point?