05/29/2012 06:54 am ET Updated Jul 29, 2012

Celebrities Who Became Household Names After They Turned 50

Everybody has to pay their dues -- whether it is in business or the entertainment field -- before they make it to the top. In theory. Of course, child actors and (some) reality stars are two exceptions (I won't name any famous reality stars because I'll break out in a rash). For the most part, however, hard-working show business types can work for years or even decades before they become a household name. Call them late bloomers. It's a tough road out there and it takes some longer than others to navigate their way around a few select people in Tinsel Town.

Here are a few high-profile, late-blooming celebrities (past and present) who twisted in the wind for a few years before they became famous and/or eligible for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Late Blooming Celebrities