01/23/2013 01:05 pm ET Updated Mar 25, 2013

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler -- A+ for Golden Globes Monologue; D- for Taylor Swift Remark

I can only think of one woman on television right now who is as funny and likable as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler who could pull off hosting a major awards show (that would be Ellen DeGeneres, in case you're wondering). I know the Golden Globes are behind us and we must move on to the plethora of other award shows that are looming, but I've been thinking a lot about the little jab that these two talented ladies took at Taylor Swift's expense while hosting the GGs. (I know. need to get a life.)

First, let me say that I could not wait for Fey and Poehler to take the stage at this year's Golden Globes because I knew they would be funny -- and God knows I needed them to make me laugh out loud, and they did not disappoint. Ninety-nine percent of what they said and did made me thank the powers-that-be who were responsible for giving us these two bountiful, hilarious ladies to host the GGs. We all deserve to be entertained when we commit to watching a three-hour-plus awards show especially since we have to sit through way too many boring thank-you speeches.

So now, let me back up and become the insult dog. (I am now about to bite the hand that feeds me. I may never work in this town again.)

Everything was going along very smoothly until the SNL alums had to take a little cheap shot at Taylor Swift. In case you forgot or didn't see it, here's what they said: "You know what, Taylor Swift? You stay away from Michael J Fox's son," Tina Fey told a laughing crowd. Amy Poehler joked that maybe Swift should "go for it," and Fey replied, "No, she needs some me time to learn about herself."

Herein lies the problem. That must have hurt Swift's feelings... a lot. I don't recall Swift jumping on stage to give them a little taste of their own medicine in the form of insult-comedy (nor would she). Let's pretend Swift said to Poehler: "I hear you're going through an unfortunate divorce from your comedian husband ... what's his name? ... oh, yes, Will Arnett. Does anybody even know his name? Hope he doesn't call Demi Moore, but, wait, maybe he should. Good career move! That'll keep his name in lights for a few more weeks." (Cue loud laughter.)

Or to Fey: "Tina, does that husband of yours have to stand on a step-stool to kiss you?" (Tina's husband is about 4'2" tall.)

Embarrassing? Necessary? Fair game?

Are you two getting the point or did I hit a nerve? You are both not only two of the funniest comediennes to come down the pike in too many years to count, but you both definitely deserve the success you've attained -- which begs the question ... why the insult? You thought it was funny, others laughed, but perhaps you made Taylor Swift cry.

Yes, yes, I know. The "Fearless" singer is pretty. She's popular. Talented. She's probably richer than the two of you put together. Her name is about as recognizable as Elvis, but she has never, ever insulted anyone in public, on a stage, on a platform (she even forgave that pompous rapper Kanye West, who totally embarrassed her on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009). How many times can she take an insult? That must have been embarrassing and humiliating for her.

You two can buy and sell me a hundred times over and will most likely dismiss this as a silly little over reaction by some small-minded journalist who can type. But ... think about it. That's all I'm asking.

Now, get back out there and be funny!! You two are both treasures. I hope you both host the Golden Globes for the next 20 years (maybe take turns with Ellen). Let's not stop the funny business now. We seriously need your humor!

Just be careful out there.

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