01/19/2012 01:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

She's Making Media Coming to a Television Near You!

I couldn't be more proud of the She"s Making Media series, one I've written about before. Interviewing Glenn Close, Marlo Thomas, Jane Fonda, Arianna Huffington, Eve Ensler, and the incomparable Maria Elena Salinas proved to be even more fulfilling experiences than I could have predicted—despite knowing them all very well. I believe these are among the best interviews I've ever done—personal, engaging, surprising, emotional, entertaining, and each with the amazing finale of my dear friends' readings, songs, and performances.

If you didn't manage to sit in the audience, never fear. We've created wonderful partnerships to get these masterful moments to a broader audience. WNET and the Long Island PBS station, as well as the NYC Time Warner cable channel, are airing half-hour edited versions of the one hour programs, starting tonight with Glenn Close! The week that each is broadcast, we will be streaming the full programs on and on

Check out the full schedule and set those DVRs. As Eve has written, "…find freedom, aliveness, and power not from what contains, locates, or protects us, but from what dissolves, reveals, and expands us." We are so pleased that these timeless interviews are dissolving the boundaries between mediums, revealing the wisdom of these amazing women, and expanding in reach thanks to these new collaborations.

Glenn Close 1/19/2012

Marlo Thomas 1/26/2012

Jane Fonda 2/2/2012

Arianna Huffington 2/9/2012

Eve Ensler 2/16/2012

Maria Elena Salinas 2/23/2012