09/02/2014 02:22 pm ET Updated Nov 02, 2014

Can We Have Unbiased Political Coverage Please?

A You Tube video of Chuck Plunkett, the Denver Post's political editor has resurfaced. It shows Mr. Plunkett's basic philosophy about economics and politics and casts questions about the coverage of candidates, especially Democrats, in the Post.

Let's be clear. Mr. Plunkett spoke to a group of Tea Party activists in 2010. Why would this video be raising a storm now? Because Mr. Plunkett is in charge of political coverage for this large newspaper.

So I have two beefs. One, as a Democrat, I would like the paper I subscribe to, be one of high standards that treats all sides without prejudice. If you are going to cover an election and can't get your personal views out of the way, you should either get reassigned or resign.

Two, listening to Mr. Plunkett's economic theories was embarrassing. He needs a little experience in seeing how the real world functions. I suggest Mr. Plunkett spend a few months in Haiti as a starter. Then there are a list of other countries that might give him a fresh perspective. I am a former Peace Corps volunteer and USAID staff and contractor. I have been listening to economic theories over 50 years. It always amazes me how academics and/or researchers miss the nuances of real life.

That can go for living in this country, as well. If you don't allow yourself to see poverty, it does not exist. If you lead a privileged life, you may not understand what the middle class is juggling.

So please Denver Post, can we get some fair and honest writing about politics. Otherwise it might be time for us to read some other paper.