09/11/2014 06:21 pm ET Updated Nov 11, 2014

National Treasures v. Political Polemics

The most recent flagrant nonsense from former Congressman Bob Beauprez is beyond belief. The headline of a piece by Claire Moser reads "Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate Promises to Seize and Sell America's National Parks, Forests and Public Lands."

Give me a break. First of all does the former Congressman know how much revenue is generated for the state of Colorado through tourism? People don't come here just to ski. They bring their families on vacation to those parks, forests and public lands, and they spend money in Colorado.

Does the former Congressman know how much it would cost to care for those special places to Colorado? The answer is millions. And where is does the money come from to manage the lands and fight forest fires?

Does the former Congressman realize that the original intent of public lands is to hold them in trust for the American people, including generations to come? Does he want to break that trust and sell off Colorado and the nation's heritage?

And do I have to say something about his remarks climate change? Former Congressman Beauprez needs to go back into retirement from politics and spend some time studying the data. It is all there.

What the former Congressman needs to do is stay "former" and stay out of any position of governance that requires us to depend on him to protect what we hold most dear.