09/15/2011 02:22 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

A Love/Hate Relationship

I love fashion week. I hate fashion week.

It begins after Labor Day, and every year it's the same run around. My life is not my own. With Emmy awards, they all need their filler and toxin. Plus there are countless amounts of television series being shot in New York. And how about Rosh Hashanah toxin! And last but especially not least; Fashion Week!

Not only does everyone in industry (well not everyone) call one week before shows: we are talking designers, models, front row celebs. You get the idea. The Monday through Friday work week turns into a countdown of long 10 hour days. And they ask if I enjoyed vacation? What vacation? I don't remember. But my mother's introduction to Halston, Trigere, Balenciaga designs at the age of 5, began my love affair for fashion. I was ready for Vogue's Fashion's Night Out and "The Shows."

I decided to change my approach to Fashion's Night Out this year. I limited the radius of my 5"inch heels to 4blocks from my apartment! The night began at Michael Kors, where a doctor was discussing his latest book about the neck being responsible for strokes, heart attacks, joint pains and more. Listening to his talk, I began getting a headache, but it wasn't the onset of a stroke. My headache in that particular moment was tied to the amazing four thousand dollar leather dress on the rack that I wasn't going to be getting.

Next I hit Donna Karan where Marissa Berenson was autographing copies of her upcoming book, "Marisa Berenson: A Life in Pictures." OMG, I want her secrets to youth! The lovely and refined Berenson looked glowing and fresh-faced . The clothes were yummy too!

Lanvin was the next stop! This was a definite change of pace. The store was a full dance party. It was such a fun time, if not for only the gorgeous designs but the magnificent and charismatic Iman, who defies age.

I finished with Tory's new store on Madison. Three amazing floors of Tory! Such an amazing growth over a few years, and she gives back to many so women through the Tory Burch Foundation. At the store, I ran into Rachael Hovnanian, the artist who uses the narcissus flower and the Botox® theme in her sculpture, paintings and other installations. You should Google her work. It's fantastic!

Overall, Fashion's Night Out was a great success with great fashion friends. I had the weekend to rest and then off to the tents. Stay tuned!