06/23/2010 05:48 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

A Homeopathic Solution to the Gulf Leak?

I am an advocate of homeopathy. Forty two years ago I knew nothing about this medical modality. I was going to India to photograph while my husband, Michael, (the new man in my life) was filming a Merchant Ivory film. Being very healthy I barely knew anything about medicine. My sister insisted I go to her Harley Street Specialist to obtain pills to prevent getting sick on my trip. In my ignorance I believed this doctor when he told me I had to take one of the pills he prescribed daily to ward off any disease or germs in this most fascinating of countries.

The filming, after Mumbai, was taking place in the small, remote town of Bikaner on the Pakistani border. The first night we were there I became very ill and was taken to the local hospital.

The operating room had just been donated by Maharajah Karni Singh. On arrival Michael was told I had a 5% chance to survive. It turned out I had a violent allergic reaction to this sulfonamide drug. The Indians were so caring and I obviously survived. Only to be told from one doctor in New York that I should take codeine for the rest of my life and another doctor in London prescribed strong antibiotics.

Hardy Amies, a good friend, introduced me to an Indian homeopathic doctor, Chandra Sharma, in London. This incident turned out to be life changing. Using homeopathy and shunning pharmaceutical drugs whenever possible became a way of life. Homeopathy can be simply addressed as like treats like. Highly diluted doses of what you have can cure you. It is completely non toxic and it works and I regained my good health. I do believe there are heroes in both modalities and orthodox medicine obviously has an important role.

I am sure it would be possible to make a homeopathic remedy of the oil and chemical dispersants that BP is allowing to spew into the Gulf of Mexico. The non toxic solution could be used on the animal and bird life. It could also be made into remedies for humans who are suffering from the fall out of the toxic soup to their systems. From the air, the solution could possibly be sprayed over the ocean.

I am posting this blog in the hope that at least one brilliant homeopathic doctor and also the possibility that someone in the Obama White House Administration will read this. I am sure most people will take what I have written as a crazy fantasy. So many things have been attempted with no success. At least would it be possible to try this and save the lives of some of the irreplaceable wildlife and then experiment with the spraying of the water and the remedies for humans? This idea obviously will be received with ridicule by many but I would so much appreciate a positive reaction from the homeopathic doctors in any part of the world and, of course, the Obama White House.

For all the skeptics who might comment I quote Shakespeare: 'There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.'