11/16/2010 11:29 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Game of Your Life

Dr. Rex Gibson is about to release his new book, The Game of Your Life, where readers learn how to treat their major life goals like a game. According to Rex, the game approach increases the efficiency and value of the preparation and execution, while maximizing performance and enjoyment. The paperback version has been pre-released in limited quantities at the author's website:

In the newly-released Vook version, the reader gets a feeling of connection with the author, seeing his mannerisms and hearing the passion in his voice as he adds relevant information to each chapter.

When asked why he wrote the book, Rex responded,

I knew that writing a book could boost my career, but that was not my motivation. Having literally grown up in a boxcar with very little and using a "game" mentality and approach to build several multi-million dollar businesses, a beautiful family, and my ideal life, I knew I had something to say -- that I could help motivate people to get out of their ruts. I knew if I could educate them as to why they were in their situations and give them simple solutions, they could create better lives for themselves.

The current culture is strewn with heightened emotion, and unnecessary complexity. The reality is: life doesn't need to be complicated. By using my simple, universal principles of life, anyone can WIN THE GAME OF LIFE.

Rex loves helping people. After compiling his many experiences into a unified thought, he knew that, to touch many people, it had to be through a book. Children provided his greatest inspiration. He explains,

As a pediatric dentist, I work with children all day long. I also am the dad of three beautiful children. As my career blossomed, and I worked with more and more children, it became clear to me that children have the correct viewpoint. Play, Play, Play. As a small child, it all starts with the game. We don't care about winning, we simply want to play. At first we know no rules, but we soon learn some and learn that those rules need to be followed or no one will want to play with us. Finally, we begin to assimilate the goal or the purpose for the game -- to WIN.

As for promoting the book, I realized that adults have lost that "kid-like perspective" and have become too serious about life. I'm not saying that adults should act like clowns all day, but we should lighten up. The rules have become cumbersome and we lose sight of the purpose and give up on dreams.

Things always go better when you approach them with a fun and light attitude. It also makes others around you more comfortable and more willing to help you in your endeavors. Approach life like a game. Play with passion. Have fun and come out on top!

Rex is ecstatic to publish his book for two reasons: He sees more and more parents in his office reading e-books while they wait for their children. It's the sign of the times since e-books are so handy and convenient. He continues,

I feel strongly about "the human touch." Sometimes in our hustle/bustle information age -- texting, emailing, twittering -- we lose the human connection between people. The Vook version gives that human touch. You no longer have just to look at the author picture on the back cover. You actually can see the author's face, sense his/her passion, and hear his/her voice. In short, it gives "the human touch" in an electronic world.

The Game of Your Life is published through No Limit Publishing Group (NL). Of his NLP experience, Rex comments,

NLP is breaking new ground in publishing. Because of the author specialists and executive team NLP brought to the project, the process of getting my book published was seamless. The communication was quick and well coordinated. They took care of all the details of getting the conversion from book to book handled. The film crew was professional and timely. From an author's standpoint, the whole experience and process was fantastic. It was like having a private butler.

Rex's expectations of his book? He anticipates the Vook version will outsell the book because of the added value of the multimedia. As he says, "You get more for the same price."

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