01/12/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Blagojevich: Resign Now

President-elect Obama says Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich should step down after trying to sell his Senate seat. Actually, the governor should not pass go and park his large black SUV right in front of his new home -- jail. Haven't we all had enough of these politicians using their offices for self-enhancement on the backs of our tax dollars? We voted for Obama and change, don't sit down, let us get up and kick this and other deadbeats out.

OK, so I agree with innocent, due process until proven guilty. But what are we waiting for, an invitation? What has happened to civil service and accountability? Enough. It is not all just a day in a corrupt politician's work. If the FBI claims to have tapes, they should make them public immediately. Then there can be shame, blame, and lock 'em up.

How long are we going to let our political officials get away with crimes? Governor Rod Blagojevich is not the only one who has the unmitigated gall to scam the people, smile and watch his constituents sit by as he shows up for another day of dishonest work.

On December 7th, before the Illinois scandal broke, the New York Post published "Today's 10: Political Scandals of 2008." In that article they cite a slew of slackers who are using elected office to help themselves instead of the people. The worst part here is that these deceivers are stilling duping Americans to keep them there.

From Sarah Palin, who was found to be abusing her office to fire her ex-brother in-law, to New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn "hiding nearly $5 million in public funds by giving them out to fake organizations as a way of holding the money to use later for political favors," to Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who has been committing crimes "that are too many to count" since his election, we citizens are allowing them to get away with not just bad behavior, but crimes. All of them, as Kilpatrick is now, should be at the very least kicked out of office.

For her wrongdoing, it is rumored that Ms. Quinn is being considered for Hillary Clinton's New York Senate seat. Hope she is not paying Governor Paterson that $5 million in order to get it.

There are plenty more scandals out there from Newark Mayor Sharpe James to New York Congressman Charles Rangel. And we all know about Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, who still ran for office, and lost thank goodness, despite being indicted on seven felony charges.

The icing on the cake, of course, is George W., who led our country into a false war. Yet, we still allow him and his Administration to sit safely in the White House instead of charging them with war crimes.

All in all, America has a lot going for it, but it has become all too accepting of a selective and bias legal system. A system that would not be remotely satisfactory in some of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. Nevertheless, we sit tight and take it.

Well, let me sum this up simply. How long are you, or we for that matter, going to sit, wait and watch? It's our money, our rights and our futures these people are playing with. Are we just going to watch them squander it on themselves at our expense? In a major recession? Or are we going to speak up and do something about it.

I agree with Obama, it is "appalling." Immediate impeachment followed by a long-term jail sentence is a solution that definitely comes to mind.