12/18/2008 05:31 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

The New Power Girls: How To Be A Fierce, Fearless Trailblazer in Business

On Monday, I talked about the trait of fearlessness among the Power Girls I've met and know. It's the inherent ability to see a challenge and run at it, to take risks and reach for the stars in life and business. The topic was among the most responded to from The New Power Girls email subscriber list.

It didn't come as a surprise. The new modern women entrepreneurs are constantly taking huge leaps and steps.

The examples are endless. For fellow entrepreneur Alexis Neely, it was when she decided to leave a six figure salary to launch her own business, The Family Wealth Planning Institute. SXSW Film producer Janet Pierson took a leap and moved to Fiji for a year with her family to show free movies at the 180 Meridian Cinema, which she allowed to be partially documented into a film in 2002.

"Obstacles just look like opportunities, they become almost like games or puzzles to solve, something fun and meaty to play with until it works," said founder Alyssa Royse.

It's not just in their work but in all aspects of their lives. From fearlessly reaching out to the sponsor of their dreams to negotiating for a better price on their cars, to something as simple as asking Bill Grant of if we could stick to the company's amazing wines despite a full bar at an exclusive investor/founder party in Beverly Hills this past week. More than once throughout the night, Grant hand delivered glasses to our table of women founders, venture capitalists and other guests.

"Fear isn't a reality," said founder Justine Kenzer.

Power Girls know what they want and they are not afraid to try and get it. Here's how they do it:

Face It: The most important step to a fearless leap is a good assessment of the jump ahead. Today's successful women know that risk must be carefully calculated beforehand. They conduct research, do the homework, ask trusted advisors, and even pray, as they're sizing up a challenge. "I overcome my fears by gathering as much information as I can in a reasonable period of time," shared Chique* founder Robyn Volker, who cites "a good night's sleep" as part of her process.

Trust It: If there is any natural ability I've noticed among the women entrepreneurs I know and have met, it's the confidence in their skills and experience when up against risks. They decide early on to believe they can do it. When I launched my newest start-up, 9 Group, in July this year, I knew the economy would present challenges. But, instead of letting it intimidate me, I focused on the work and my experience. Less than a month after launching, I had two clients. As you decide to make a jump, keep focused on how and why you can make it.

Do It: Once you've decided to conquer fear, the next step is to act. Power Girls may take time to assess their gambles and secure confidence in their abilities, but when it comes to taking the leap, it's cool and quick. For PR whiz Nicole Jordan, this moment came when she made the choice to go full speed ahead with a freelance career. "From that point on, I trusted my instincts and ran with it." To do the same? Boldly move and don't look back.

"I started a fashion social network out of nowhere. That was fearless," said founder Christine Elia, who later unveiled it at the prestigious Tech Crunch 50 Conference - one of the first fashion sites (and few women) to present.

Power Girls fearlessly put their eye on the prize - and then they take it.