07/07/2014 11:13 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

MGW! Model -- Genius -- Whatever

Think it's impossible to be brilliant and look fabulous? Think again!

There is so much pressure to look good and be able to singlehandedly save the free world -- how do you fit in? If you do not look like Cindy Crawford, speak Chinese, and have a Ph.D. or M.D., then you are not a modern woman. And if you are a man who isn't at least able to breastfeed his own children and sell his Internet company for billions, then what kind of a man are you? I mean, really!

Where does this thinking come from? Think superhero movies, fashion magazines, the advertising industry, all escalating into one mounting total tidal wave of distress commonly called STRESS. The pressures are ridiculous! When I once asked now my high-school-aged niece, Savannah, about her grown-up aspirations, she said simply, "I wish to be leader of the world. We'll need one you know." It sort of said it all!


So I am here to tell you that you can be a superhero and a model! You can love fashion and Madison Avenue in all its gorgeous glory and revel in being a genius... on your own genius terms!

Mensa and Model -- Model and Mensa -- A little of one and a little of the other or a lot of one and a little of the other? One popular dating show is fond of looking for daters who look like a model and have the brains of a member of Mensa, the IQ society that prides itself on admitting members in the top 2 percent of the intelligencia, and the show has pretty much stated that this is impossible to find. I humbly disagree. I think everyone is a model and a Mensa genius, if only figuratively...

First of all, everyone can make the most of his or her looks. The problem is that so many people don't seem to take pride in their appearance anymore. It's as though they have given up because societal pressures are so overwhelming! DON'T CAVE!


Have fun and express yourself with make-up and fashion. And nothing says class like a man in a suit! If men know how easy it is to impress we women by wearing a suit, they would all be sleeping in them! Look at those Italian men... in Italy I mean! We women melt over them! Even dashing socks or mufflers are, well... dashing! Make a tiny change and watch how this can make you feel.

Ever see anyone before and then after an expensive haircut? Same thing! Cut out a Starbucks a week and go get a great haircut and see what I mean! Girls, get a free makeover at a make-up counter and pay attention to how you can update your look, and then do it!

I'm not asking you to be superficial -- I'm asking you to be a flower in the world -- brighten it -- make it a nicer looking place because you're in it. People like looking at attractive people. Is your weight an issue like many Americans? If you are self-conscious about your weight, please just eat healthily and try to get over your self-obsessing!


When you walk into a room, are you thinking about yourself? Well, stop it! Think about everybody else and mean it! Find out whether others have dreams to fulfill or things that they have learned that need sharing and brainstorm with them. Find out how you can support their dreams, introduce them to someone that they may need to meet, and so on.

Be the best person you can be, male or female, and physical beauty will result. The sexist woman I ever knew breezed into a room like a top model but with all the charisma befitting James Bond. You never even noticed that she was 100 pounds overweight ! Soon had everyone under her spell -- male and female! So, none of this, "When I lose 20 pounds" garbage... Don't put off life; it's over soon enough! No postponing life!

The more you help others, the more it gets better and easier, too, and genius genes are allowed to thrive. When you help others, you get outside yourself, and I'm sure neural pathways are created because you are thinking in new ways and juggling different parts of your brain. Then go dance because nothing is better for your brain and nothing is more fun for your soul!


Become a member of Mensa if you're not already. Figuratively. And if you aren't a rocket scientist, work to become one in your own area of genius. We are all blessed with at least one. Maybe you are a genius gardener. Maybe you do calligraphy better than anyone and can beautify the world with it. Recognize your skills, talents, and your particular spark or gift and then work to develop it and take it as far as it will go.

Even used car salesmen have their place. Have you ever stopped to think what great charity fund-raisers used-car salesman would make? Well, put them to work for your charity and take advantage of their sales talent! Get the picture? Where does your lie? Make lists. Ask others their opinion. Dig deep. I have one friend whose greatest skill is listening. What would you do with this skill?

So, these are some pointers for you that should point you in the way of inner peace while enhancing the world with your gifts. Thank you for your presence and future presents to the world!

MWG! Model -- Genius -- Whatever!

Until next time, I'm Patricia Rust!

Artwork from Patricia Rust and in the public domain