03/05/2012 10:57 am ET Updated May 01, 2012

Money and Me: There Are No Rainy Days

Money. In the words of Ricky Ricardo, "I dun like it." I truly dislike it. I know it allows you to buy things. Nice things. Pretty things. But is it really worth it? I have to wonder whether the price it extracts from your daily life is worth all the aggravation it brings. So much paperwork, bills, computer nuisances, incorrect threatening notices, credit invitations and the never-ending stacks of bills. There has to be a better way! When you carry cash there is fear of robbery, theft, and the whole thing makes me want to go back to the Native American way of trading with wampum, corn and beads. I can taste the yummy cornbread now!

In the spirit of trying to make a budget, I needed to find out what my expenses are. So, I downloaded apps for such occasions so as I spend money, I planned to record them. That didn't happen. So, I took a calendar that had been gifted to me and decided to jot down my expenses in it. When I barely remembered, I did so. I also rounded the numbers to make the addition easier which apparently is not a good thing to do. Exact figures rule the money kingdom.

Then, I received a letter from the IRS telling me that the recent refund check that they sent me was a check issued by mistake and that I would have to pay it back right away and if I didn't, interest would be accumulated and charged. They didn't even apologize for their mistake! How rude!

I really don't like all things financial. Financial Wizard Suze Orman says that we are supposed to have a healthy relationship with money. I just wish it would go away and I could live in a world of letters and images but not these monetary numbers that rule my life. Then life would be very healthy like spinach with salmon salad and lima beans! But since The Huffington Post is starting a Money section, I offer myself up to it as someone who might be able to be a learning tool for others.

I will relay a true story to tell you how great my passion to learn about all things financial was at one point. My father thought that if I spent time in and around the world of financial news that I might pick it up. I was able to not only produce national financial news but anchor it as well. I could reel off gold prices in Hong Kong but to this day couldn't tell you what it all meant. I was able to interview Ted Turner about his billions and his fear of losing them but was much more interested in hearing about his psychic! Maybe the new The Huffington Post section called Money can help me once and for all.

But wait! Maybe it's too late! Maybe I'm hopeless. Maybe I am unteachable. Einstein said that we all have genius in us but that if you asked a fish to climb a tree... well, let's just say that it wouldn't be a pretty sight, Maybe I've been trying to climb the financial tree when I should stick to writing, teaching, and artwork. I do know that the greed factor has hurt the country and that we are trying to get back on our feet. That I understand.

The politicians use the facts to make statements that contradict each other: Is our economy getting better or worse? It depends on who is speaking and what his motives are! I've heard compelling cases made for each side -- both that things have turned around and that they are going to get worse before they get better! Maybe it depends on the combination of who is elected to the presidency and vice-presidency. What if one candidate from the GOP who believes the economy is getting better pairs with one who doesn't?

In school I understood computations and permutations and still do and use them! But they rarely come up in the world of money unless it's how many ways I can spend an incoming check that probably would be better off deposited for a rainy day. But California is in a drought and there are no rainy days! I do well applying these rules in fashion! I can make a whole wardrobe out of a few well-chosen separates! So, you can see how ripe for the picking I am for the new Money Section of The Huffington Post! Take me, I'm yours!

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