12/31/2013 03:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Way Up

What's next after you realize a goal, a dream, or a long-standing hope?

I recently realized a cherished dream and noticed that it seems like books and people want to help us with HOW to reach our goals but no one tells us WHAT TO DO once we're there!

For me, I felt nothing at first because I was in such a state of shock. So, I would suggest you let yourself FEEL the victory and experience the JOY that such an achievement produces. Really savor the feeling because you have come down a long road to get here.

You may have spent years in school, been in your job(s) a long time, endured a rough boss, or even have been raising children while doing all of the above! However your road has been paved, it hasn't been easy. Think of the traffic you have endured, literally, on the road to getting there!

If it is a personal goal and let's say that you have met and are planning to spend the rest of your life with "the one," you may have dated lots of frogs (male or female), worked hard to discover HOW to be in a relationship through counseling, books, and "thought and talk" on how to create the relationship you really want. See? You are used to your life heading this way but go over it in your mind about the time you devoted to this dream...

So, when the news comes that you have achieved a promotion, are in a newly-created position, are ready to start your own enterprise, or are going to get married, you are realizing a hugely significant life goal and this is no time to draw a blank and go numb and grab a Starbucks.


This is your time to call, text, Twitter, shout, send smoke signals, emails, and smoked hams to share your news and thank people who helped you along the way. Who gets there alone? No one! Celebrate with friends and co-workers who have had the same uphill battles and have shared your struggles and share your dreams. Take a walk. Pat yourself on the back. Realize your capabilities that have taken you here and think about what you can work on. Vow to do so. Maybe WRITE down these NEW goals.

Realize that talents and successes are gifts from the divine and do not let your ego get in the way or I believe your success or talents may be taken away from you. This may sound like spiritual mumbo jumbo but it is basic karma -- what you sow, so shall ye reap. Being a good and sound person can't hurt so treat everyone well on your journey.

I wish you every success in realizing your hopes and dreams and suggest that you enjoy the ride, the journey, and path in getting there and when you get there -- savor the victory!


photo one by patricia rust

photo two by scott thomas