02/23/2012 03:49 pm ET Updated Apr 24, 2012

So You Think You Know Your Colleges?

This is the time of year most juniors begin their college search, the quest to find the next school experience that will help them realize their career goals, expand their understanding of what the world is all about, and make sure they have something to do on Friday nights.

This is a pretty big step, and there are many factors to take into consideration when putting a college list together -- location, quality of academic programs, cost, size, distance from home, and more. Students can get a good start on their college search by using an online college tool like the ones on Zinch and College Board to create a list of colleges based on personal interests...

...but before you create the list, this little quiz can help expand your understanding of all of the possibilities that are out there. Some of the answers are well-known, and others are harder to find, but all of them point out new ways to look at what college is all about, and offer approaches to the college hunt that can help you personalize your search.

A college search can help you make sense of the menu, but the answers to these questions can help you decide what you're hungry for. See how many you can do without research, and post your answers in the Comments section -- on Monday, I'll come back with the answers, and why they could be important to your college choice.

1. What one skill must every graduate of the University of Chicago possess?

2. Colorado College and Cornell College offer something few other colleges can. What is this special quality?

3. Berea College and Cooper Union are attractive to students for the same reason. What is it?

4. The One O'clock Lab Band is one of the most prestigious college jazz bands in the nation. Where is it located?

5. Name the one attribute Agnes Scott College, Hope College, and Goucher College have in common.

6. Many colleges offer a study abroad program, but only two colleges had every 2010 graduate participate in study abroad. Name them.

7. National Merit Scholars need to know about The University of Alabama and Wayne State University. Why?

8. Bates College, Lawrence University, and Wake Forest University are only three of hundreds of colleges that offer an important option few students know about. What is it?