04/19/2013 11:55 am ET Updated Jun 19, 2013

Locked Down, But Resilient

Hearing a police siren in Boston isn't unusual. It's hearing sirens nonstop throughout the night, with the intermittent sound of helicopters, that puts you on edge. I spent my night in a house with three friends about a mile from the manhunt, with continued warnings that anyone nearby should stay indoors. The area is still on lockdown, and I've been communicating with friends and family consistently. Many people wonder what these murderers could have been doing over the past few days, whether they were in the process of planning additional attacks, and why they were on MIT's campus late at night. People also wonder what the motive could possibly be, particularly given that they went to school and worked nearby.

While people are, understandably, scared, there's also a quiet confidence. The past two days have proven that Boston won't be pushed around. The atrocities of April 15th only brought the city closer together and made it clear that the spirit of Boston is resilient, proud, and undeterred. The sense in my house, and the sense I get from my friends, is that we know the second suspect will be taken, and the real concern is for the safety of the police officers who are putting their lives at risk to protect ours.

There is also a sense of sadness for those that have already lost their lives -- the victims of the bombings, and the MIT police officer. Others have been wounded, and its disheartening to think that there may be more victims as this manhunt continues.

These mixes of emotion are overcome by confidence and pride. The heroics of Boston police officers over the past few days have been incredible, and there could not be more confidence in their ability to keep us safe and to find the suspect. And we are all extraordinarily proud to be a part of a city with such resilience and character. Bostonians are proud, and while we may be restricted to our homes right now, if the world, and these terrorists, have learned anything over the past few days, it's that you can knock us down, but we'll get back up stronger and even more determined.

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