05/14/2013 02:30 pm ET Updated Jul 14, 2013

Finding Good Hires Means Measuring Social Impact

Employers looking to hire new job candidates have a lot to consider. If they make the wrong decision and end up experiencing a separation, there's a lot at stake. After all, the reasons employees leave their current positions say a lot about future retention rates, including job satisfaction and engagement levels among current staff. Finding a good cultural fit has become just as important -- if not more so -- as finding an employee with the right skills.

Now that social technologies have allowed us to communicate and network faster than ever, employers can turn to these outlets to gauge whether or not an employee has a broad social impact. In a world where new hires aren't just employees but are also brand ambassadors, employers can expect job candidates with a broad reach in both online and offline channels will be beneficial to have on staff for a number of reasons.

Job candidates who already demonstrate social impact in their field can drive future recruitment, rev up engagement within the company, and act as a driving force in promoting the company brand. Still, it's important to remember not to expect every job candidate to be perfect -- many job candidates have other obligations related to family life and school work that may hold them back from advancing in these arenas.

There are a few key indications that a job candidate has a broad social impact. When assessing new job candidates, employers should look out for these key indicators a candidate has a broad social impact:

Engaging on LinkedIn. A candidate who's already plugged in to LinkedIn shows they have the foresight to engage with industry professionals -- even if they aren't employed. Employers should also check out the candidate's profiles on other social media sites, like Twitter and Google+, to gauge their existing social impact and reach in the industry.

Maintaining a blog. Blogs offer a great way for job candidates to demonstrate their expertise in their desired industry or profession. Employers should check out how many other bloggers follow the candidate for their insight, or if the blog is regularly shared and commented on. A blog offers insight into a candidate's passions, and this can be a great way to gauge personality and reach.

Engaging in speaking opportunities. A quick Google search can help employers to see if the candidate has already engaged in speaking opportunities in their industry. Speaking engagements show a candidate has the personality and wherewithal to engage a crowd -- something that can be beneficial in the office or when promoting a brand.

Allowing personality to shine. No one wants to hire a robot -- a worker who gets by passively doing what they're told. Job candidates who allow their personality to shine across their professional endeavors, whether it be online or in the job interview, show they aren't afraid to take on risks, offer insight, or ask questions.

Employers looking to hire quality candidates should consider a job candidate's social impact as one of the core indicators of future success. Employers at any company can use these key indicators to ensure they're hiring a job candidate who will improve company culture and act as a brand ambassador for years to come.