07/03/2009 08:27 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Goodbye/Hello 1 "AIG And Corporate Shenanigans"


Unless you were on a polar expedition through the Drake Passage in Antarctica or snorkeling in Tui Tai in the South Pacific you know about the big goodbye shout out that American taxpayers gave AIG and corporate greed recently.

Perhaps the one good thing that came out of the AIG bonus outrage is that it stirred "we the people" to wake up and have a voice. True, it took digging deeply into our pockets for billions of bailouts dollars before we decided to give our 2 cents. However, the unconscionable aura of entitlement demonstrated again and again by CEOs and their top executives, at a time of national hardship for many, was building just below the surface. The AIG bonuses became the tipping point that finally pushed the collective fury over the edge. It became our, " We are mad as hell and not going to take in anymore" -Network movie moment.

As we say goodbye to corporate cultures that bred behaviors based on presumed entitlement, excessive bonuses, lavish perks, and ludicrous accouterments like John Thain's $35000 goldplated "john" we need to ask ourselves this question: What are the corporate culture models and behaviors we need to say goodbye to and what are the new ones we need to say hello to?

Goodbye to CEOs whose only end game was manufacturing money.
Hello to CEOs whose opening game starts with being influential, inspired leaders.

Goodbye to corporate cultures that encouraged greed and privileges to the few.
Hello to corporate cultures that deliver innovative products and services for many.

Goodbye to business strategies that are short term and unsustainable
Hello to business strategies that are visionary and support sustainable practices.