03/24/2008 04:03 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Don't Come Any Closer, or I'll Shoot -- Myself

Hey there, Pennsylvania Democrats: are you sure you're old enough to vote? Because some of you are acting like two-year-olds.

A Franklin & Marshall College poll has found that if Barack Obama wins the nomination, 53% of Hillary Clinton's Pennsylvania voters would vote for him. Of the rest, 19% plan to vote for McCain, and 13% will sit on their hands on Election Day. Ditto Obama supporters -- 60% of them would support a nominee named Clinton, but 20% would vote for McCain, and 3% will stay home from the polls.

For some of these petulant, my-candidate-or-the-GOP-guy Democratic voters, it appears it's more about personality over policy. They'll choose four more years of Republican appointments of judges, Republican policies in the Iraq war, in environmental matters, in abortion and family planning programs, and tax cuts for the already prosperous ... all this over a Democratic fiscal and social and war agenda.

Nice work, people. If you want to cast a protest vote, why not choose Ralph Nader? This isn't like Florida 2000, where voters were confused by the ballot. If McCain wins as a consequence of this ''my way or the highway'' sulking, Democrats will know who they have to blame: themselves.