09/21/2012 05:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Is Personal -- So Get Involved

Across the country, your government may be trying to take away your deeply personal decision making on your reproductive health. Last year state legislators proposed nearly 700 restrictions on women's reproductive health care. Already in 2012, 52 new measures restricting reproductive health have been enacted. And in Washington, Congress has taken 55 votes attacking women's health since 2011. A majority in the House of Representatives and nearly a majority in the Senate even voted to allow a boss's religion or moral conscience to dictate whether insurance plans can cover a female employee's birth control.

We need to stop thinking "it can't happen." The fact is, it is happening -- and it's far more serious than you may think. It's time to raise a common voice and say "no way" to the politicians across the country who are trying to make deeply personal decisions for women. It's time for women of all ages -- and the men who back them -- to stop playing defense in the assault on women's reproductive health and start playing offense. We need to get and stay educated on the escalating political attacks on our health.

And here's how you can do that. Yesterday a compelling new campaign, This Is Personal, launched -- backed by the National Women's Law Center and a large coalition of organizations supporting women's reproductive health. I am proud to be a supporter of this bold effort to educate and motivate young women across the country to take action to protect their reproductive health.

The campaign is spreading the word online - by taking to Facebook and Twitter to share updates, original videos and more -- to ensure we join the fight offline, in our own communities, to make sure our rights and health remain intact. To mark the launch of the campaign, This Is Personal released a new video, which highlights one of the more absurd laws restricting women's reproductive health.

Take a look -- and sign on. We need you. And we need a common voice, because, yes indeed, this is personal.