04/16/2012 06:14 am ET Updated Jun 16, 2012

GPS for the Soul: From Point A to Point bLife

As entrepreneurs, we have spent our careers studying, reimagining and developing uses of new technology.

These days, creators and enthusiastic consumers (we count ourselves as both), are enjoying an endless stream of possibilities powered by technology.

Computers in the form of mobile phones are always with us -- our entire work lives and social lives are rarely further than our back pocket.

What we do for a living is this: "Create value by solving interesting problems using technology."

Ironically, what we came to understand was that all this exciting new technology was creating some "interesting problems" of its own.

Let's face it, technology can be distracting. Email, texting, tweeting, games, social networks... No wonder we spend so many hours glued to our devices!

We are now being pulled in so many directions that we have become "fragmented."

In listening to others and staying mindful in our own lives, we saw an opportunity to grab the reins of what had become overwhelming and distracting, and redesign the use of technology to help one become aligned and stay connected with what was important in life. And, if one got off course, these same tools would help them get back on track.

This new endeavor was personal for both of us -- we committed to create tools that would help integrate the different aspects of self: personal, professional and spiritual, guiding us to be better fathers, sons, friends, partners and people.

We wanted to create a set of practical and engaging tools to help visualize, organize and refocus on an overall sense of connectedness, consciousness, productivity and well-being. We also saw near-endless social opportunities to expand the ability to connect like-minded individuals striving toward similar goals and aspirations -- to live with purpose.

bLife : Be Happier. Be Healthier. Be Your Best.

The "b" in bLife stands for "being." Because at the core of our company we believe that the state of simply "being" -- present, mindful, aware -- is the best place from which to begin any journey.

Our company is built on three pillars. In addition to technology, bLife is driven by design and science.

Design for us means two things: one, creating easy to use, beautiful and engaging experiences and two, building a framework that supports and encourages positive human behaviors through the use of our tools.

Science, whether it is neuroscience or psychology, continues to uncover breakthrough findings and validate ancient wisdoms about well-being that are the foundation of our apps.

Over the last year, we've built an exceptional team of developers, designers and scientists, and formed affiliations with well-being experts at leading institutions worldwide, including Stanford, Harvard and Cambridge.

Guided by these pillars, we've developed a number of well-being tools, including apps with Deepak Chopra, Stephen Covey and Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, a leading positive psychologist who wrote The How of Happiness.

GPS for the Soul: Point A to Point bLife

Twenty-four hours after our first video Skype call with Arianna Huffington, we found ourselves sitting across from her at dinner, listening to her passionate and persuasive vision for GPS for the Soul.

Pure synchronicity!

We felt a complete alignment between Arianna's vision and bLife's mission.

It was immediately clear to us that developing the GPS for the Soul app was meant to be. A partnership was born.

We are humbled and excited to be working with The Huffington Post and the other partners Arianna has assembled to make this vision come to life.

Paul A. Campbell & Hamet Watt

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