11/30/2012 08:32 am ET Updated Jan 30, 2013

A Big Job for Mitt Romney: Run Hurricane Sandy Clean-Up and Rebuilding

The President and Mitt Romney met yesterday for lunch, triggering questions about how Mr Romney's skills might be put to use for the country.

Romney should be enlisted to run the clean-up and rebuilding following Hurricane Sandy. If he really did a good job 'turning around' the Salt Lake City Olympics, he is probably as good a choice as any to run this complex, massive operation. Wealthy as he is, Romney could do this for $1/year, enabling him to demonstrate he is a true public servant. Unlike formal government positions -- such as Cabinet or Ambassador -- he would not have to reveal his past tax returns.

It would not hurt the post-Sandy effort that one of Romney's jobs would be to "lobby" Congress for the funds required. He did that successfully for the Salt Lake Olympics. He has House Budget Chair Paul Ryan's private cell phone number.

It would help unify the country. It would provide Romney his own legacy.