01/20/2012 02:06 pm ET Updated Mar 21, 2012

Gingrich's European Lifestyle

In a Republican primary, Mitt Romney cannot admit that he speaks French, otherwise those voters would reject him because he might introduce "European" ideas into American culture. For a party that bases a large part of its appeal by fostering fear that the country's original (excluding, of course, the Native Americans whose existence is rarely acknowledged) cultural roots are being overrun by those of non-European extraction, the political schizophrenia is remarkable.

Now comes Newt Gingrich who asserted that President Obama can best be understood by his Kenyan, anti-colonialist roots traced (erroneously, but who cares, this is a Republican, remember?) to his father (whom he met twice in his life, but again, who cares about facts, this is a Republican speaking) that created strong anti-colonialist sentiments (as if that were a bad thing, I recall a fellow named George Washington who also was an anti-colonialist; come to think of it, so am I).

Yet, when it comes to policy and culture, Gingrich rails against anything that smacks of a "European" influence.

Well, almost everything.

He seems perfectly happy living a European lifestyle. For a large fraction of his married life, Newtie has had mistresses. It does not matter so much that he did, or did not, ask his second wife, Marianne, to accept his "open-marriage" request, he was living it, daily. (And, here, one can only chortle at Rush Limbaugh, the man of 4 wives, who differentiated Clinton because Newtie "asked for permission"-- yes, after 4 years of diddling Callista while trying to impeach President Clinton for his Monica Lewinsky dalliance)

It is that European lifestyle of the man-the wife-the mistress that American culture is said to reject.

If Gingrich were to become president and Callista First Lady (yep, the ex-mistress would become a role model for American women), the new role models for American couples would become, like Newtie, just "so European".....

Romney, Paul and Santorum should remark that Newt has chosen for most of his life to live a European lifestyle and leave it at that. Their audiences will fill in the blank... that socialism is lurking around the corner.