01/30/2013 06:35 pm ET Updated Apr 01, 2013

GOP Governors Snookering States and Media on Electoral College Rigging Scheme

Amazingly, they are all falling for it, and not just the lamestream media. MSNBC is being successfully snookered too.

Republican Governors such as Rick Scott (FLA) and candidates such as Ken Cuccinelli (VA) are declaring their opposition to the latest Republican electoral rigging scheme, assigning their state's electoral votes by congressional district, rather than winner take all.

Like their voter suppression tactics in 2012, this scheme has only one purpose -- to reduce the value of minorities' votes. [As such, it should be unconstitutional under Bush v Gore and Baker v Carr, but that is another matter].

So, why are Republican Governors feigning reluctance or opposition to an RNC-endorsed scheme?

Simple. Their voter suppression actions boomeranged during the 2012 election, stimulating a backlash of turnout. They are up for reelection in 2013/2014. Should they proceed with this dastardly act, they will have assured massive minorities' turnouts against them in mid-term elections.

But, there is plenty of time until 2016.

They can claim now that they do not support the electoral college rigging scheme, so as not to incite massive turnout in their own elections.

And then, once safely reelected, they can "reconsider," claim that they "had not studied the proposal in any depth," but now, somehow, that they have taken a harder look, it IS a good idea.

And, faster than one can say Charles and David Koch, voila(!) the electoral rigging is passed, and signed by the reelected governor.

Of course, the media will freak out, but why would the Republican governors care? They are doing their second terms anyhow, and are looking for Koch et al. gratitude in the form of post-term largesse or nice federal jobs. After all, they deserve it. They were the ones who actually did the rigging.

If the Democrats run against them on this, they may move more rapidly to lock the system in place, or just await their lame duck sessions if they lose, to hand their states that "gift" as a parting shot.

The only remedies are legal action, or recapturing not only these governors' seats, but both houses of the legislatures.

The latter is a heavy lift. They already took care of rigging that when they redrew the district boundaries, just as they insured their hold on Congress despite not losing the total congressional vote by more than 1 million.

The Republican governors have snookered the media so they can conduct stealth campaigns.

If anyone is naïve enough to believe that these electoral-rigging schemes will not be enacted, stay-tuned.