11/11/2012 07:36 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014 Why Hillary Clinton Must Rest, Relax -- and Run

Please Joe. Please Andrew. Please Martin.

You are all talented and have awesome resumes.

But, none of you have the charisma to spark a movement, to inspire the selfless volunteers required to overcome Republican lies and largesse.

Hillary Clinton does.

None of you are heroes to a substantial and critical part of the electorate.

Hillary Clinton is.

She proved it with her historic, gritty 2008 primary run. She has become celebrated in her own right around the world as one of the nation's great Secretaries of State. If elected, she would join a distinguished group of presidents who had previously served as Secretary of State: Jefferson, Madison and Monroe (each of whom, incidentally, had a vice president named Clinton.)

Moreover, Bill Clinton has, by his own actions since leaving the presidency, by his wife staying with him, and with enormous help from the right-wing, become the "Most Trusted Person in America". Unlike 2008, when Bill Clinton's role in a potential Hillary Clinton presidency was an issue, in 2016 it will be viewed -- as it should be -- as nothing but a huge asset.

Yes, Hillary voted for the Iraq War, and Bill signed the repeal of Glass-Steagall, and other mistakes, but each has an extraordinary experience and grasp of policy and, unlike whomever their opponents might be, they have learned from their mistakes.

Regarding electability, Hillary Clinton would sweep most of the country. And she could campaign unabashedly as a woman with her own achievements and her own perspectives.

Sure, the right-wing will be out there with all their lies. But, these are largely spent. Moreover, the right-wing was so intent on tearing down President Obama by comparing him unfavorably to President Clinton, that they have exalted the Clintons beyond the reach of their own despicable lying.

During 2008, I preferred Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton because he had taken an early stance against the Iraq War when doing so was not popular, and because I thought he had the ability to rally the nation over the heads of Congress and create a new majority.

That is, I thought a President Obama could achieve what assassins' bullets prevented Robert Kennedy from doing decades earlier.

In that larger endeavor he has made some progress in the face of unprecedented obstruction. The filibuster during his first two years, then the Republican gerrymander in 2010 and his race have prevented him from sealing that larger achievement.

He still may do it. He certainly will leave an extraordinary legacy.

But, President Obama does not seem to enjoy the actual process of coalition-building. When a policy preference is obvious, and thus the opposition should be vulnerable, the president's actions suggest that he believes that logic and intellectual honesty will prevail. Too often, it does not.

A President Hillary Clinton might be able to add that missing element in the Obama coalition, the so-called "Reagan Democrats" as she did in her 2008 primary marathon. With Bill Clinton's historic connections (e.g., he won Kentucky, West Virginia and Missouri in '92 and '96), with gender no longer an issue for Commander-in-Chief, and women's issues and voting becoming more high profile, a Hillary Clinton candidacy would extend and cement the Obama coalition of minorities, millennials, unions, women and progressives.

With another four years of President Obama, and the prospect of eight years of President Hillary Clinton, the Supreme Court can be protected for another generation from abolishing Roe v Wade, with the real prospect of overturning the egregious error of Citizens United.

With governing majorities, a President Hillary Clinton can build on the Obama legacies of health care reform, alternative energy economy, education investments, banking regulation and middle-out economic growth. With her deep knowledge of the world and its top and mid-level leaders, a President Hillary Clinton can reduce the occasions of violence, improve the lot of the world's poor and elevate the status of women throughout the world.

So, Hillary, for the next two years, rest. Relax. Starting soon, we will develop a "Draft Hillary" movement that will raise and bank the money you need so that you can have a walk through the primaries and a resounding victory on election day 2016.

And, here's a suggested running mate -- former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, whether the final vote tally has him winning the Senate race in Arizona or not.

P.S. Bill, you stay healthy too!