10/31/2012 09:54 pm ET Updated Dec 31, 2012

President Should Call Special Session of Congress for November 8th: Appropriate Sandy Funds, Accept No Nonsense

President Obama should issue the following statement:

"I call Congress back into session on Thursday, November 8, for the sole purpose of appropriating money to begin the recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

In this national emergency, neither the American people nor I will tolerate the nonsense and posturing in which this Congress has been engaged for the last two years.

I do not care whether you will have won or have lost on November 6th. There are millions of your fellow citizens suffering.

They need help. They need it quickly.

No matter the outcome of the election, you will still have the power to help them.

Use it.

I will call out and hold up to shame any member who postures or does anything but look at the facts of the situation as we know them, and makes sensible suggestions about how we can speed relief.

The money appropriated now will just be the first installment. I will return for more as it becomes necessary. I expect to get it.

Never in our nation's history has the approval of Congress been so low.

You have a chance to redeem yourselves in the eyes of your countrymen and of history.

Do it.

If you need to work over the weekend of November 11th to get it done, that is your responsibility.

I expect a bill on my desk to sign no later than Monday, November 13th.

It had better be there."