09/19/2012 04:37 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2012

Post-Romney Tell: Bring the "Buffet Rule" to Another Vote in the Senate

Mitt Romney (R-MA) says that people who do not pay income taxes are not accountable, do not take responsibility for their lives.

There are thousands of millionaires and many corporations who do not pay income taxes. Indeed, Mitt may be one of them himself. (Regarding accountability, Mitt almost assuredly received amnesty for his hidden foreign bank accounts, so we should demand he show us his 2009 return immediately).

The president called on Congress to pass "the Buffett Rule" that said that those earning over a million dollars should pay at least 30 percent of the income in taxes. It received 51 votes in the Senate, but not the magic 60 required to bring it to a final vote. Passage would have resulted in $350-500B in additional tax revenues over the next decade.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) should bring it up for another vote now. After Romney's revelation, and Republicans running away from Romney's assertions, it will be instructive to see if it can muster enough votes to survive a filibuster.

When the bill was voted upon, Republicans trotted out their worm-eaten lie that raising taxes negatively impacts job growth. A study just completed by the non-partisan Congressional Research Service showed that increasing taxes has no impact on economic growth or job creation. Thus, bringing this bill to the floor of the Senate again will enable Senators to get this study discussed publicly and into the Congressional Record.

This vote, as close as it is to the election, could be a defining moment.

It would be only fair to give Mitt and his $50,000/plate companions an opportunity to be responsible for their lives and not be dependent on government tax loopholes.

After all, they need as much help as anyone.