10/14/2014 08:53 am ET Updated Dec 14, 2014

This Message from Hillary Clinton Could Win the Senate

Former Secretary of State, former Senator and former First Lady Hillary Clinton has an awesome message she can deliver to voters in Senate races across the country.

It is simple, and it could win the Senate. (Let's stop talking about "holding" the Senate, let's win it).

Let me use Kentucky, and the Senate race of Alison Lundergan Grimes as a template:

"A Senate term is for 6 years. That means the winner of this race will serve 4 years, two-thirds of her term, not with President Obama, but with the next President. That is why it is ridiculous to make this election about President Obama.

I do not know if I will run yet, and if I run whether I will win. But, I can tell you that if I do run, I will do everything I can to win.

In that case, I will need Alison Lundergan Grimes to work with me and others to fix the country's problems. We can do it. We have done it before. But, if you elect Mitch McConnell, he will only try to sabotage everything we need to do to fix our problems. He has done that before too. Not just for the next 2 years. For the 4 years after that under a new president.

So, it is up to you. Send Alison Lundergran Grimes to the Senate. And, she will be there to work with the next President to fix this country's problems."

This message has the virtue of being, well, true, a vanishing quality in American politics. But, it is also optimistic, future-oriented, and provides the context for voters' choices.

Moreover, it is in Hillary's interest. If, when, she does become president, beginning the 2016 campaign with a Democratic majority in the Senate, that will only increase as all the Tea Party senators who won in 2010 will be up for re-election, will indeed enable her to govern.