10/22/2012 11:09 am ET Updated Dec 22, 2012

To Mitt: Here Are 25 of Your Public Policies Much Sillier Than 'Romnesia'

The Romney campaign, obviously hurting from the president's clever characterization of Romney's real positions, has called "Romnesia" the term the president coined, "silly."

If he wants silly, however, Romney does not have to look any further than his own positions, proposals, plans for the country. The following are really, really silly:

1. Cutting taxes 20 percent for the wealthy when we are trying to reduce debt.
2. Not telling people which of their deductions you will eliminate.
3. Telling women they have to have ultrasounds they do not want or need.
4. Empowering corporate CEOs to decide whether a female employee gets contraceptive coverage.
5. Repeating the same policies that caused the economic disaster.
6. Denying that current policies created 5M+ jobs, and radically changing course now.
7. Letting Wall Street regulate itself again.
8. Opposing gay marriage.
9. Opposing the Lily Ledbetter Act.
10. Opposing repeal of Don't Ask/Don't Tell.
11. Opposing a law that provides for equal pay for equal work for women.
12. Sending people to Emergency Rooms for their chronic care.
13. Forcing the already-insured to pay for the uninsured by forcing up their premiums.
14. Considering a tax rate of 14 percent on nearly $14M of income to be "fair."
15. Turning Medicare's guarantee into VoucherCare.
16. Claiming you love America but keeping all your money in foreign tax havens.
17. Cutting Medicaid that provides for 1 in 3 children in America, and for nursing home care.
18. Asserting that the evidence is not "convincing" on climate change.
19. Cutting funding for Planned Parenthood.
20. Repealing ObamaCare, and claiming it is not the same as RomneyCare.
21. Opposing the Dream Act.
22. Returning to the banks the $50B the president took and applied to student loans.
23. Being "delighted" to sign a bill forcing a woman to carry her rapist's child.
24. Opposing the American Jobs Act.
25. Opposing comprehensive immigration reform along the lines that the president, Senator McCain, former President Bush, and the late-Senator Kennedy, all supported.

These are not only silly, they are destructive -- of our economy, of peoples' well-being, of human dignity.